How To Seduce Her With A Leg, Butt And Lower Back Massage

Erotic massage will make your woman melt if you use touch the right way. Here’s where to focus when you do the butt, lower back and legs.

How To Get Started

When beginning foreplay, start with your lover still lying on her front side with her back exposed. The natural progression will be to continue massaging down to her buttocks, legs and feet. To do this, make a nice transitional move by starting at the top of her shoulders with the palms of both of your hands facing flat down, and in a long slow smooth stroke, work your way down to her lower back, buttocks, upper legs, calf muscles, and feet, and finally to her toes.

Important Note! Because you will be including her buttocks in this portion of the massage, you will want to remove the covering you placed over the area at the start of the massage.

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Now, reverse this move by continuing up from her feet all the way up to her upper back again and then repeat these same moves up and down again a few times more. You don’t have to follow the same path strictly every time, so make sure to vary it using your own creativity. You can try running your hands all the way up and down the sides of her body from just below her armpits or breasts to her feet, or try a combination of both described methods on top of her body and the sides.

Switch around a few times and see what works well for you and her. The main point in this transition is to make long stroking movements all the way from one end of her body to the other, with your last transitional stroke leaving you at her legs and buttocks so that you can begin teasing new areas.

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Beginning The Leg Massage

When you are ready to begin massage her legs, you will want to start at her ankles. Focusing on one leg at a time, lightly grasp her on the calf with both hands just above the ankles and begin moving it upwards towards her buttocks as shown in the photo below.

Continue moving up and down her leg a few times in this way. You can also add a kneading motion by grasping in and out with your hands as if squeezing a soft foam rubber ball. Your thumbs can come in handy too. As you are running your hands up towards the top of her leg, use your thumb on the inside of her thigh while adding a firm pressure. It’s very relaxing and also very sensual for her to have your thumb getting in the proximity of her vagina. So don’t be afraid to tease her a bit.

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The next maneuver is something that will feel delightfully sensual to your partner while massaging her upper legs. Just as you wedged your hand underneath her upper torso (in between her body and the surface she is laying on), do the same with her legs. This time, however, wedge your upturned palm underneath her leg and in between the surface it is laying on. Start at the upper portion of her leg near her hip, and then glide your hand all the way down the front of her leg to just above her kneecap. Next, with your hand completely wedged between her leg and the surface, glide your hand back up until you reach close to where her legs meet her hip. This will get your hands very close to her vagina, but remember to not yet directly touch her vagina, as you want to create a bit of anticipation and playful sexual tension first.

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The Calf Massage

Proceeding down to her calf muscle, you will now be moving your hands back to the top of her leg again. When massaging the calf muscle area, be very gentle as this muscle can be quite sensitive to pressure on some people. Light to medium pressure works best.

To start, take your hand and lightly grasp her calf just below the knee fold area. Now run your hand down her calf until you reach her ankle, and then slide back up again. You can add a “kneading” motion as well to this as you travel up and down for an extra soothing feel.

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Important Note! When working solely on her legs, place the cover over your partner’s buttocks. Not only will ensure her comfort, it will help to increase her anticipation for more sensual pleasure. With her buttocks covered once again, she will wonder when she will get to experience the delight of being completely exposed and having more intimate areas included in the massage.

With one hand now supporting her raised foot, take your free hand and run it up and down her calf a few times while applying a firm pressure. You can also add a light kneading motion to this as well for and extra soothing experience.

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