The Real Reasons Guys Love Doggy Style So Much

It's no secret that guys always want to do it doggy style. Have you ever had sex with a guy? He's probably either flipped you over, asked you to flip over, or awkwardly attempted to flip you over while you try to manage your limbs. But why? Why do guys feel so compelled to go through all that when vanilla missionary is perfectly serviceable?

It's simple: Guys see it as the perfect position. If a guy were making a doggy style pros and cons list, the cons column would be blank. It's good for guys' backs (maybe). It's relatively safe. There are a ton of subtle, yet important, variations that can be employed. But most importantly, it's just plain and simple sex, no accouterments.

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Sex is complicated and not always pretty. There's sweating, awkward grunting, heavy breathing, strained joints, positions that don't work for both partners, weird noises and body functions, and the list goes on. Doggy style removes all of that. There's no touching. No one hunched over you grimacing. Unless you've got bad knees, doggy style is pretty easy to keep up. It's just penis in vagina (or butt; shout out to butts). Pure and unadulterated PIV. It's like doing uncut cocaine with your genitals. Or drinking a single-barrel scotch, also with your genitals. You're mainlining sex right into your crotch.

For the record, sex and lovemaking are two totally different things, and I'm not making the point that men prefer doggy style in every situation. There are way better positions if you want intimacy. But nothing rivals doggy style if you just want to take all-out banging to a 10.

"But men are visual," you argue, "why would they get off just staring at my back?" To that, I say, imagine you're a guy during doggy style, and look down. You not only getting to appreciate your own body at its flex-iest, but actually seeing the penetration part of sex in action is a huge turn on. Cowgirl is great too, but cowgirl is sex-y. Doggy style is just plain sex.

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What's more, it's sex he gets to set the pace to like he is a riverboat captain on the Disney Mark Twain ride. Is it selfish to want to be a sex pace-setter? Yes, but that doesn't make it feel any less good. And, maybe even better, he can can gauge what's working best for you while he is at it.

(Just going to add this here: It also feels really, really close to having anal sex. Men are obsessively curious about anal, but it's understandably not something that happens every day. So, you know, there's that.)

Also, he can see your cute butt.

So that's why doggy style is often treated as a grand finale. You don't start in doggy style, and if you do, you certainly don't downshift into missionary halfway through. Doggy style is the "play 'em out in style, fuck you we're really playing 'Freebird'" sign-off to sex. It's the apex, the climax, and everything else afterward is falling action; action falling so fast the graph for this plot looks like a sheer cliff face. If sex is Mount Olympus, doggy style is drinking the nectar of the gods and communing with Them.

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