Tonight try The Shave Before You Eat Cunnilingus Technique

Are you the man who gets a 5 o’clock shadow before noon? The slightly unshaven look is sexy—unless that rough face is between her thighs. Offer to shave before you go down on her—and suggest a twist: You’ll shave her pussy, too. Soft, hairless flesh meets the same.

Perfect the Move

• Practice shaving your own pubic hair with a woman’s razor. You’ll quickly see that you need a more gentle technique than you use for shaving your own face—and that’s why women’s razors are shaped differently.

• Hair removal cream is also an option for her if she has complained about the itch when pubic stubble grows back in. A popular pick among porn stars is Magic Shave, located in the African American hair care section of the drugstore.

• Searching for a gift for the girl who likes to wax? Give her a gift certificate to use at her favorite waxing salon.

The Shave Before You Eat Scenario

She always wants to watch you shave. On this day you let her, and after some time, you offer to shave her. You tell her where you want to put that smooth face, and in mid-sentence, as you are describing the details of the pleasure you will give her, she looks you in the eye and unbuckles her jeans. The sound of jeans hitting the floor is the last thing you remember hearing.

Last-Minute Preparations

Gather your tools: a new disposable women’s razor or a fresh blade for the razor she always uses, small scissors, hair conditioner, shaving cream, a hand mirror, waterproof lubricant and/or a waterproof vibe.

With her input, select the pattern. Is she going bare? Will there be a shape? A landing strip? Or will you create a stencil? To create a stencil, get out a piece of cardboard, draw a pattern, and cut it out. Start with something simple such as a heart or initials.

Offer her an orgasm to relax her. Use a waterproof lubricant and/or a waterproof vibe.

The Shave Before You Eat Cunnilingus Technique

• Wash and condition her pubic hair.

• Start by trimming her pubic hair with small scissors or an electric trimmer.

• Have her stand or lift her butt up so that her hair is easy for you to reach. Lather her with shaving cream. Now take that razor carefully in hand. Proceed cautiously. When she is clean shaven and exquisitely sensitive, rinse her pussy, help her out of the tub, and towel her dry.

• Notice how heavenly silky smooth she feels. Tell her about it.

• Lay her down on her back on the bed or floor and get on your stomach.

• Marvel at the beauty of this masterpiece. Start by brushing your fingers over her mons. The absence of hair increases sensitivity.

• Gently touch and explore the smoothness of her inner labias with a lubed finger.

• Glide the tip of your tongue over and around the forchette, the skin at the base of the vaginal opening.

• Move your tongue in short slow licks up the side of her inner lips, or labia minoras, and up to her clitoral shaft.

• Maintain tongue action and insert your lubed finger(s) in between her already slippery thighs.

• When you make your way to the clitoral head, use a flat broad stroke to wash over her back and forth.

• Occasionally pause and put pressure on the commissure with your tongue. 

• When she begins to contract to orgasm, applying light taps to the clitoral head will spark her orgasm.

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