How To Avoid the “Cat Back” During Doggie Style

Every sexually active person on this Earth knows the one complaint men have about doggie style: that ugly hump in the back that many women get when not being able to take the D while being pounded from behind. I like to call that hump in the back the "cat back"  because it looks exactly like what cat looks like when it is frightened or about to attack out of fear. Most men look at this and automatically default to a woman not being able to take the strong force of his mighty wood (oh the ego), but the reason is simply because sex in this position is sometimes painful. That hump in the back is a way to reduce the depth of penetration, but if you want to avoid the dreaded "cat back" during doggie style, keep these things in mind before going into the popular sex position:

She needs to be AROUSED

Turning a woman on during sex is vital to a comfortable sexual experience for her. At rest, a woman's vagina is anywhere between 2-3 inches deep, but as a woman is aroused, the cervix recedes closer towards the uterus and causes the vagina to lengthen, allowing the penis to fit more comfortably within the walls. Stimulation also causes the vagina to lubricate itself, which helps the male member to glide in and out without the friction that can cause tearing and burning. If a woman isn't aroused and doggie style is the first position pulled out of the bag of tricks, she will experience pain. Doggie style provides deep penetration into the vagina because it it completely exposed and angled straight when a woman is in this position. If her vagina hasn't lengthened from it's resting state, she will not be able to handle more than 3 inches of her partner's penis and will flinch in pain to turn to the "cat back" in order to reduce the depth of penetration. Oral sex, erotic massage, kissing and nipple stimulation are great ways to get a woman ready for entry.

There is an ending to the vagina. The vagina is not a never ending passage of goodness. The uterus sits at the end of the vagina and it can be EXTREMELY painful when something is knocking repeatedly against it. Too much force against the uterus can cause it to move from its original positioning and tilt, causing pain and complications with conception later in life if one decides to have children. My suggestion is to take is low if penetrating deep from the back.

In general, one should go into doggie style slowly, making sure his partner can handle the depth of penetration, and because the vagina is open and exposed to more air, extra lubrication should be handy to help replenish moisture and reduce friction that can cause discomfort.

The "cat back" hump isn't attractive, but keeping these things in mind can make a woman more relaxed and more arched in her positioning. Pushing her down or being aggressive in making her arch her back is just plain rude.


Guys are often guilty of skipping foreplay altogether, instead going straight to sex without worming her up first. With tips and tricks specifically designed to stimulate her sexually. Learn to put a woman in the mood so she can ache to be penetrated. Foreplay is one thing a woman can’t get enough of. Women are emotional creatures, and that’s why they like, enjoy, and need foreplay. So give her what she wants, and she sure will shock you with how well she responds and actively participate during sex.

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