How To Make A Guy Cum Fast (Powerful Killer Tips)

Sometimes you want to have slow, gentle sex, where you take your time completely savoring your partner’s body. But other times, you want a quickie, like a Little Caesars pizza, but the sex version. It can be done, my friend, and this is how.

First things first, let’s get into some specifics. Not all guys have penises, and not all people with penises are men. For the purposes of this article we are talking about those that do, so if that’s you, or you’re sleeping with someone who fits the bill and you want to speed sex up, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get across the finish line in record time.

If you're uncomfortable with how long it's taking someone with a penis to have an orgasm or they'd like to have an orgasm faster, it can help to add in some additional stimulation to what you usually do during sex. New sensations can really change what we're experiencing and help the body de-acclimate to stimulation it's grown used to.

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So, here’s the breakdown on how you can make a guy come faster. Enjoy.

Talk The Talk

Hearing someone getting off can make someone finish faster. If you know your partner is more vocal or if they enjoy hearing you enjoy yourself, stepping up your dirty talk and/or moaning game could send them over the edge. If you’re not into dirty talk, try watching video porn or listening to audio porn together; the extra stimulation can make it a totally immersive experience.

Incorporate The Whole Penis

If you know your partner likes to be touched on certain parts of their penis, you may be privy to their sweet spots. Yet, to really get them feeling good try stimulating all parts of the penis. Try stroking the balls or getting the testicles taut from within the scrotum while you apply gentle stimulation. You can also orally stimulate the balls to take pressure off of the penis — which is sometimes all one needs to find the release.

In addition to oral and hand stuff, trying a toy like a vibrating cock ring during penetrative sex. These tools work by restricting blood flow to the penis, which means they may also be useful if your partner struggles to stay erect during intercourse.

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Role Play

Sometimes the idea of being with someone new can be a total turn on. Additionally, role playing, or taking on a different persona for the night can make it easier to try a new position or different kind of dirty talk.

The definition of fantasy is simply anything that intensifies the sexual experience.  As such, one should let go of any expectations about elaborate role-play that may intimidate you or stymie you from the beginning.

Massage The Perineum

Another way to speed things up in bed is to incorporate other parts of the body. Pressing on their perineum — the space between the balls and the penis — or introducing new types of touch, like a sensual massage or hot body oil may send them into a world of pleasure.

Massage is one great thing couples can do each day to enhance intimacy. It not only helps reduce stress and anxiety, when done in a supportive way, it provides a powerful new way to communicate affection and share intimacy.

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Switch Things Up

Doing the same of anything can put a damper on pleasure.Try taking things to the next level including acting out scenes from movies!. Go ahead, get into it. It will make you laugh — which helps increase closeness.

Then there’s mixing it up when it comes to sexual contact itself. Another way to make orgasm more explosive is to entirely change up your routine. Do you usually have penetrative sex? Try switching over to oral sex or hand sex mid-way through.

While it’s imperative to get clear on consent before trying anything, experimenting with new positions or sensations can help someone get more in the moment. Just changing your sex routine can help your partner really feel themselves.

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Forget About The Time

If you and your boo are stressed out about timing, you’re never going to finish. While it may seem impossible in the moment, try to take your time and just enjoying the moment with each other. Take the pressure off of performance in whatever way you can. Take your time and enjoy the experience. This puts the focus on the experience as a whole instead of putting the spotlight on genital contact only.

Though it may be hard to forget the clock, getting in tune with each other and having fun can make your sex speedy and sexy.

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