Is your woman tricking you to have (PE) Premature ejaculation?

This lecture is about ways of telling whether your partner is trying to turn you into a premature ejaculator. 

Now you’ll probably ask yourself why anyone would try to do such a thing. Well, one noted female authority on PE once stated, “I like the power, the feeling of being so sexy the guy couldn’t help cumming before he wanted.” That says it all. It’s about power. 

Think of all those males who pride themselves on their stamina, the power they have to bring a female to orgasm without breaking a sweat, to reduce her at will to a writhing, squirming puddle of lust with their mighty sword. 

Well, it can go both ways. Some females like to turn the tables on the mighty penis, defeat it with their vaginas, wrest control away from the penis, beat it in battle, reduce the sword of steel to a pitiful limp noodle. Such females, and there are more than just a few, may enjoy their premature ejaculation fetish just as much as you do, my dear students. Only, theirs is the converse of yours. Those ladies enjoy making you cum quickly even if you don’t want to. And for some the fetish includes the desire to turn their partners into premature ejaculators.     How you, the student and aspiring or practicing premature ejaculator feels about that depends on the type and nature of your PE fetish. For some of you, learning how to detect warning signs that a partner is trying to make you cum prematurely will help you in your battle to prevail. Others among you can’t think of anything more exciting than having a partner “trick” you into PE. For you, what you learn in this lecture may actually help you assist your partner in  making you reach your goals. 

So, have you ever wondered if your partner is secretly trying to make you into a premature ejaculator? Here’s a lit of ways you can tell whether your honey is training you to quickly lose control, no matter what her reasons may be.

1) She makes you wait an extra day (or three) before sex.

The intent here, of course, is to fill you with an extra charge, increase the pressure, make you hornier, and thus boost the likelihood that you won’t be able to hold it very long once you are inside of her.   

2) Right before you enter her, she always strokes your penis a few times to “get you ready.”

You may consider this as just part of foreplay. It certainly feels great, and you may even appreciate her thoughtfulness in making you as ready for intercourse as you can be. In fact, she’s simply, and sneakily, bring you closer to the point-of-no-return before you’re even inside her vagina.  3) She frequently ask for “quickies.”

This trick serves two purposes. First, she’s getting you used to the concept of cumming quickly, abandoning control as soon as you’re inside. And second, she’s making you think she loves quickies. No need to hold back and maintain control. 

4) She playfully bets you that you can’t last 30 seconds inside her.

This may sound like a playful game. In fact, she knows exactly that any talk of lasting and not losing control will make you think of it, and eventually obsess over it. 

5) She challenges you to cum within 30 seconds inside her, “just for fun.”

“Oh, come on, just this once. It’ll be fun! Don’t worry about me, I love it!” she may go. And before you know it you’ll be banging away to “win” the challenge. Little do you realize that “winning” means losing. Soon you’ll find yourself craving those “challenges” and your male pride will lead you to boast that you can even do it in 20 seconds or ten…    

6) She never lets you fuck her without bringing you near orgasm via oral or hand before. She is such a great lover, always looking out for you and making you feel so good. She is so considerate. Not. She’s just priming you to ejaculate prematurely.

7) She starts sexy talk she knows gets to you the moment you enter her.

Everyone loves sexy talk. It can really drive you crazy, make you cum. Rest assured that she knows exactly what gets  to you. While you’re fucking her, she’s verbally wanking you to boot. The result will be obvious. You cum too soon.

8) Once inside, even if you ask her to stop, she’ll do her signature moves on you, the ones she knows make you cum.

She knows you won’t ask her to slow down or keep still. That wouldn’t be manly, and what male wouldn’t appreciate a great, active lower like her? You won’t say a thing. And just cum much quicker than you had planned, and it felt really good.  

9) She keeps telling you how sexy it is when a guy can’t hold his cum with her. And what sort of man and partner would you be if you didn’t acknowledge and honor her needs and desires? So you go along with it. Chump. 

10) Whenever you cum too soon, she tells you how great it was.

Nothing like stroking a guy’s ego. Sure, you came quite quickly, but she LOVED it. And she’ll love it next time and the time after. By then you’ll be a premature ejaculator for good.

For a female perspective, I was fortunate enough to receive additional insight from one of the associate deans here at PEU. She insisted (with a wink) that she “would ever do anything like this” as she added:

11.  She almost immediately starts telling you “Don’t cum yet” as soon as you enter her, even if you haven’t indicated any signs of struggle yet.

Quite obviously, this is designed to get the male partner’s mind on his stamina, and we all know where that can lead.

She tells you “I want you to look me in the eye while we make love” when she sees you close your eyes and try to concentrate on not cumming. She knows that you won’t be able to think of yucky, unsexy things in an effort to keep from cumming if you look at her.

13.  She says sexy things and moans loudly to break your concentration when she can tell you’re trying to distract yourself from the pleasure by thinking about baseball, or doing math problems and the like.


14.  She tickles your balls or rubs your inner thighs when she can tell you’re struggling to hold back.

And she’ll do it in an innocuous way, as if she didn’t know you could barely hold on.

15.  She says things like, “You’re doing so much better than last time.” 20 seconds in, “Remember, you’d already came by now last time we made love,” using false compliments to make you focus on your issue, building anxiety and making you cum quicker. Another evil trick to keep you thinking about your performance, about not blowing it, and about lasting.

When you slow to try to calm down, and she moans, “Don’t tease me, fuck me hard and fast like you know I like it.”

She knows full well that no man will not at least try to accommodate her, with predictable consequences.

17.  She tells you to “Try really hard this time, ok?  I’d really like to cum tonight, for a change.”

That’s putting all the pressure on the male, insinuating that he is inadequate. Which in time he’ll be.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it does cover the most often used tricks females will use in tricking their partners into either occasional premature ejaculation or, in more extreme cases, onto the road to becoming permanent premature ejaculators. Do note that the former may be no more than acting out a fantasy or adding some spice to a couple’s sex play, whereas the latter is a far deeper attempt at reprogramming a partner’s sexuality by ruining his stamina and eliminating his control over his orgasms. Either way, forewarned is forearmed. Being able to read the signs of an attempted conversion into premature ejaculator status is imperative both for those who seeks such action (it helps them enjoy the process even more and will also speed up the conversion process) and for those who are intrigued and turned on by it, but see the attempt as a call for battle.


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