5 Sex Positions for Plus Size Individuals: with Illustrated Pics


Years of exposure to media that feels like it’s been conceived both by and for skinny people has morphed contemporary society’s very narrow set of beauty standards. Now, anyone who’s not extremely thin or athletically fit can feel like they’re overweight. 

Even a very confident person can feel self-conscious when it comes to being naked and sexual with a partner, especially if their body shape makes certain sex positions tricky to attempt. If you’re constantly worrying about things like that, you’re not going to be in a relaxed and sexy mood.

The truth is, when it comes to having sex, having a bigger body just means there’s more of you to love. That’s why a list of helpful sex positions put together specifically for bigger people can assist in putting you and your partner at ease. Not to mention, it’ll give you both some fun new options to play with.

1. Sofa Seduction

I recommends giving your bed a break and taking your lovemaking out onto your much sturdier couch to get the deed done. If you have a couch with a long armrest, bend your partner over it and spread their legs. In this position, much of your partner's body weight is being held up by the couch and you have direct access to her. This can be an erotic position for oral and penetrative sex.

2. Reverse Cowgirl Cushion

You likely already know the pros of the view that come with doing it in this position. But you may not be aware that reverse cowgirl also has benefits for bigger couples. The reverse cowgirl also works great for couples whose male partner has a large belly. If she looks at his toes, she can lean forward and then his belly does not get in the way. Plus, it's easier for her to move up and down, and back and forth in that position. Dealing with a height difference too? Add a pillow for leverage. If his partner is shorter, they can put pillows where her legs would be so she can get up off of his penis and move up and down better

3. Modified Missionary

A few switch-ups to the classic missionary position make it ideal for more plus-size partners. The best sexual position to use if either partner is overweight is a modification to a common missionary position. The easiest way to visualize this position is to imagine the male in a push-up position. He then bends his knees so they are resting on the bed taking his lower body weight, then bends his elbows so his forearms are balancing the rest of his weight. Plus, it's customizable based on how much extra weight you're packing. He can adjust the bend in his knees depending on the belly size of himself and his partner. The bigger either partner is, the more he increases the bend in his knees. This position gives both partner's ease of movement while being up close and personal, so an easy rhythm can be achieved for their mutual fulfillment. But will she like it? Doing it this way comes with a few key advantages for your lady. Women like this position because they can feel and enjoy the closeness of their male without feeling squashed. If either partner loses weight, the male simply reduces the amount of bend in his knees.

4. The Standing Pretzel

In the standard pretzel position, she lies on her right side. Then, you'd straddle her right leg and lift her left so that it's curled around the side of you. I'm pretty fat, my girlfriend isn't at all," writes one Reddit user. "But to make it worse, I'm below average in length 'down there.' We can't do missionary either and it sucks. We spend most of the time with her on top, grinding onto me, while I also wear a vibrating cock ring. However, one thing that has worked is 'the pretzel,' but with her on her side near the edge of the bed with me still straddling her leg as it partially hangs off. Basically I'm able to reach my furthest when standing up."

5. Splitting Queens

Don't underestimate the power of the pillow. One of the key requirements for great sex is to make sure everyone is comfortable. For people with bigger bodies, the addition of pillows may be just what they need. With a pillow, you can prop up your partner's hips to make penetration easier. You can also use a pillow to brace your partner's body so that there is less strain on their body. Here's how to use pillows to create a brand new position. In bed, use multiple pillows to brace your partner's legs so that they are wide open in a V shape. The pillows will reduce the strain on the legs and you will be presented with a front row view of her sweetest spot. Don't forget a pillow under her hips, too!


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