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Couples Plus+: Download all My Books

  To see the full  list of books you will get  scroll down. You can aslo c lick each book to view its INSIDE DETAILS & RANDOM PAGES SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD OPTIONS Option 1 : (Recommended) After checkout here  you are  redirected   to  the page with all download links  of the books in the same order as listed below! For each book file  (a)  is a PDF & file  (b)  is an EPUB    Option 2  Download all books in both PDF & EPUB through Patreon Option 3 Download all books in both PDF & EPUB through Gumroad It’s that more and more women long to be sexually dominated. They want alpha males, assertive and strong, taking charge of their nocturnal activities ....READ MORE This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on how to give women orgasms ....READ MORE It offers strategies and techniques to re-train your mind and body in order to have longer-lasting sex, while increasing your partner’s pleasure ....READ MORE This book is written for for anyone who want to know step-by