The “Good Girl” Syndorme: Helping your woman break out of it

If you are wondering why so many women are closed off to the idea of trying new and daring sexual acts in the bedroom, your answer is finally here!  Fellas, you may be with a woman that isn't open to trying any new positions beyond doggie style and missionary, and she for damn sure would never consider having sex on anything besides a bed inside of your bedroom. This type of unwillingness to explore is all due to a mentality called "The Good Girl Syndrome." D ownload All My Reads For Men books in PDF & EPUB Growing up, every woman is taught by the elder women in her family that being a "good girl" is the best way to be. Good girls sit with their legs closed and crossed. Good girls don't hit people. Good girls don't get their clothes dirty. Good girls say Please and Thank You and are always polite and accommodating. Good girls don't use profanity. Good girls don't let manish boys touch them inappropriately.  D ownload All My Reads For Women bo

A little Overweight? Here are 5 Sex Positions to Have Sex Comfortably

  Whether you’re a bit on the bigger side, your partner is, or you both are, these are options that take bodies into account that need a bit more space and support than the couples that sex position lists target. 1. Sex In A Sling If one or both of you need a little more support, using a sex sling to keep certain body parts raised will help get the job done. A sex sling can help if both partners have larger tummies. She will be able to keep her legs in the air longer while he is inside of her, and the straps of the sling can give them both more momentum — and it can help keep him from worrying about his belly. 2. Edging On The Bed If you have a high enough bed or can make it higher somehow, you can lay on your back with your hips just over the edge of the bed. He can stand and go straight into you while he either holds your legs or you rest them on his shoulders or wrap them around him. His belly will be completely out of the way, plus he won't need to hold himself up. 3. Doggy Sty

Magical 20-Minute Mark Challenge: Ejaculation control gets easier the longer you go

When you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, or what I refer to as unwanted or involuntary ejaculation, the grinding, gnawing, relentless pull to ejaculate can defeat you within the first few minutes of sexual intercourse. Will this overwhelming sensation to give in, give way, let go and release my ejaculation ever cease? Yes! You will be rewarded for every second of struggle and effort you put in to holding back your ejaculation and pushing through to the Magical 20-Minute Mark of sex and erection. It is one of nature’s cruelest jokes that the first few minutes of sexual stimulation are the most sensitive for a penis. The danger zone is from early erection, to fully erect and throbbing hard. This is when the nerve-endings and engorging tissues of your penis are having an absolutely wild party of good sensation and sweet vibration! Every muscle in your body and thought in your mind have also come along for this non-stop joyride to ejaculation. Fortune Favors the Brave Yes, nature

Guys! Perform Better in Bed ; Here are 5 Ways to Get Rid of Sexual Anxiety

Sex is a big deal, and it’s completely normal to have some anxiety when it comes to sex. However, some men have so much anxiety, they turn into emotional fools at the very thought of having sex. This is a multi-dimensional sex education book that helps men become “Sex Gods” and even more importantly ....READ MORE 1. Lower Your Expectations The most important thing to do is to lower your expectations. I know this seems like “woo woo” nonsense advice, but it’s true. Why do you have to have an eight-inch cock, that can last 2 hours, and ejaculate a gallon-sized cum shot? There’s no reason that you have to be a sex god. Women love sex. It’s a fact. And you can bet that if you’re in a relationship, she loves having sex with you, because of your intimate bond. She doesn’t really care how good (or bad) the sex is. She’s happy to be there with you. Here’s the thing about your penis: “Just right” doesn’t exist — but ask yourself: if fingers, lips, and tongue can give earth-shaking pleasure to a

These 12 Foreplay Ideas Will Please and Drive Her Wild in Bed - LONG READ

  Foreplay is something we tend to forget about at times but is a vital part of intercourse. For women, it gives them time to ‘warm’ up and get in the mood. It also allows them to reach orgasm more frequently. Many men are unaware but the average healthy male lasts approximately 5 minutes before reaching climax while the average healthy female can take as much as 17 minutes to reach climax. This is called the orgasm gap. So, if you are skipping foreplay odds are that she is not enjoying sex as much as you. And if you think she is, she’s most likely faking it. So lets jump into the good stuff This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on how to give women orgasms ....READ MORE 1. Get The Room Ready For Sex A lot of guys have this tunnel-vision ability to zero in on what they're doing and forget everything else during sex. Women tend to get distracted easily by their environment and that list of things that need to be done. If you invite her in the bedroom, take the time

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