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KUNYAZA: The Little-Known African Secret to Female Orgasm

Kunyaza is the Rwanda-Rundi name given to a sexual practice found in the Great Lakes region of East Africa which is meant to facilitate female orgasm during intercourse. Tapping The basic principle is simple and has been passed on by word of mouth in central African countries for at least 150 years. The man takes hold of his penis and uses the head to tap the woman’s clitoris, labia and vaginal opening. He can move the rhythmic tapping around the vulva in circular or zigzagging movements. The tapping can be varied with rubbing, also using the tip of the penis. It’s important that there’s plenty of lubrication from the start, otherwise the tapping can be too sensitive – a little saliva works wonders. If after a while the man’s wrist gets tired, the woman can get hold of his penis and take over. And women also sometimes help out by holding open their labia to intensify the sensation. These  sex guides are all about tailoring your sex moves to your partner’s tastes. Advanced In a more adv
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Smaller Penis? 5 Sex Positions You Didn’t Know You Needed [+3 Positions you Should NEVER do ]

When it comes to penis size, the myth persists that bigger is better. But it's totally untrue. Okay, orgasms might be trickier to pull off if your partner has a micropenis—defined as a penis that measures under 2.8 inches when erect. But this condtion is very rare. (The average erect penis clocks in at five inches, FYI.) Good sex is really about communication, confidence, adapting to circumstances, and using what you and your partner have for consensual pleasure. If your partner is on the smaller side, these five sex positions will help him fit tighter and more snugly—so you score the satisfaction you crave. Talking about sex resources? I mean, I’d never say the words,  “this is the big deal” but….. 1. SUPER TIGHT DOGGY Difficulty: 3/10 – If you’re on a bed, it’s super easy. Only thrusting is needed. Reach around and caress those boobies. HOW TO DO IT Have your partner get on her knees Get on your knees, behind her Make sure her legs are closed (as close together as po

Free Adult Comics PDFs Downloads

Download and Read Adult Comics for free! To Download each PDF click tittle below then  click the cover or download button Enjoy!!! To Tame the Beast Free PDF Download The sweet life Free PDF Download Jazz Phantom PDF Download Hot for Ms Cross Free PDF Download Aunt Cumming Spiderman Free PDF Download The benefits of Homeschooling Free PDF Download Summer Job Milf Free PDF Download Riding Hood Free PDF Download Mimi the Maid Free PDF Download Make A Wish Free PDF Download Bubble Butt Princess Free PDF Download Deep Cover Evaluation Free PDF Download For Rent Free PDF Download Jennas Tales Free PDF Download Seduced with a Smile Free PDF Download OTHER RESOURCES Male Virgin | How to Be Good at Sex Your First Time: PDF & EPUB Is your woman tricking you to have (PE) Premature ejaculation?: PDF & EPUB

Male Virgin | How to Be Good at Sex Your First Time

READING OPTIONS Download  PDF (2.Mb) here OR Download  EPUB (2.58Mb) here (If you are on mobile device I recommend you download EPUB, See this page on how to use EPUB files ) If you’re approaching countdown towards your first experience of sexual intercourse, then fear not—everything you need to know is right here. Men don’t have many taboos—certainly nowhere nearly as many as women. However, there does seem to be something of a no-talk zone surrounding the conversation of male virginity. Indeed, even admitting to be being a virgin, for most men, is way beyond the realms of acceptability, which is something of a problem, really. 

Is your woman tricking you to have (PE) Premature ejaculation?

READING OPTIONS Download  PDF (1.71Mb) here OR Download  EPUB (2.26Mb) here (If you are on mobile device I recommend you download EPUB,  See this page on how to use EPUB files ) This lecture is about ways of telling whether your partner is trying to turn you into a premature ejaculator.  Now you’ll probably ask yourself why anyone would try to do such a thing. Well, one noted female authority on PE once stated, “I like the power, the feeling of being so sexy the guy couldn’t help cumming before he wanted.” That says it all. It’s about power.  Think of all those males who pride themselves on their stamina, the power they have to bring a female to orgasm without breaking a sweat, to reduce her at will to a writhing, squirming puddle of lust with their mighty sword. 

Make A Wish Free PDF Download

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Mimi the Maid Free PDF Download

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5 Reasons Men May Have Evolved a Taste for Cunnilingus

Most men don’t call going down on women cunnilingus — they call it “pussy immersion.” This is because they don’t just lick the vagina when they give head; they literally “immerse” the face in the sex. A man likes to feel what he calls the “infinite textures” of the vagina — not just against his tongue but all over his face. He wants to explore the outer lips of the vulva as well as the inner ones. Then he wants to plunge his tongue deep inside of it. Only afterward does he take the clit into his mouth and suck. But he doesn’t stop there. He wants his cheeks and chin to become soaked with the juices. He wants to feel the thighs squeeze around the sides of his head, her hips bucking. And while all this is happening, he wants to savor not just the taste but the scent as well. Sounds hot, right? But have you ever asked yourself why men like cunnilingus so much? Evolutionary psychologists believe they have the answer. Or at least they think they may know why our human ancestors

When Not to Thrust During Sex

Picture this: Your woman starts kissing you in bed, pushing her hips against you, running her hands through your hair and then suddenly, she gets on top of you… But then, you notice she starts moving and grooving, grinding her hips against you. And in that moment, you know you’re going to have an incredible experience together. Ok, let’s back up a bit and focus on the keyword here, “GRINDING.” See how we emphasize grinding instead of thrusting or bouncing? Many red-blooded men like you get a lot of sex ideas from porn, and so it makes sense that you’d think you have to thrust during sex the entire time.  That could be why you think sex is all about the “in and out” and “in and out”…. But maybe your woman is trying to tell you something when she grinds against you in those circular motions.  In this article, I’m going to explain to you when not to thrust during sex, what to do instead, and why this new technique feels SO GOOD for her. F or Couples: Download all My Books here 2 Major Rea

Deep Cover Evaluation Free PDF Download

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For Rent Free PDF Download

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Surprise Edition!!! Download All My 10 Adult Comics Collection in PDF

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The “Good Girl” Syndorme: Helping your woman break out of it

If you are wondering why so many women are closed off to the idea of trying new and daring sexual acts in the bedroom, your answer is finally here!  Fellas, you may be with a woman that isn't open to trying any new positions beyond doggie style and missionary, and she for damn sure would never consider having sex on anything besides a bed inside of your bedroom. This type of unwillingness to explore is all due to a mentality called "The Good Girl Syndrome." D ownload All My Reads For Men books in PDF & EPUB Growing up, every woman is taught by the elder women in her family that being a "good girl" is the best way to be. Good girls sit with their legs closed and crossed. Good girls don't hit people. Good girls don't get their clothes dirty. Good girls say Please and Thank You and are always polite and accommodating. Good girls don't use profanity. Good girls don't let manish boys touch them inappropriately.  D ownload All My Reads For Women bo

Using EPUB Files, Ideal for any mobile device

EPUB files are ideal for your smartphone or Ipad, just make sure you have an Ereader app installed personally I use a free version FBReader  . Once it is installed download or copy the EPUB book files to each device and open the EPUB through the app. Below I have given free books for you to test and see how it works for yourself. EPUB is my favorite no matter what device you are using because some advantages include the following: 1. Re-flow-able text - no matter your screen size text will adjust to fit that screen so page numbers do not matter 2. Automatic bookmarking - after reading you do not need to bookmark the last page you were reading, next time you open the book it will automatically start off from the same page you had reached (not even a one sentence error) If you are interested in using FBReader use the following links according to your device platform. NOTE: After installing the app I recommend you also install its Bookshelf plugin, which displays yours books smartly. FBRe

Guys! Perform Better in Bed ; Here are 5 Ways to Get Rid of Sexual Anxiety

Sex is a big deal, and it’s completely normal to have some anxiety when it comes to sex. However, some men have so much anxiety, they turn into emotional fools at the very thought of having sex. This is a multi-dimensional sex education book that helps men become “Sex Gods” and even more importantly ....READ MORE 1. Lower Your Expectations The most important thing to do is to lower your expectations. I know this seems like “woo woo” nonsense advice, but it’s true. Why do you have to have an eight-inch cock, that can last 2 hours, and ejaculate a gallon-sized cum shot? There’s no reason that you have to be a sex god. Women love sex. It’s a fact. And you can bet that if you’re in a relationship, she loves having sex with you, because of your intimate bond. She doesn’t really care how good (or bad) the sex is. She’s happy to be there with you. Here’s the thing about your penis: “Just right” doesn’t exist — but ask yourself: if fingers, lips, and tongue can give earth-shaking pleasure to a