Why do some girls refuse to give blowjobs?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why a girl might refuse to give a blowjob.

1. Intimacy

Virginity means different things to everyone. To some, oral sex is just as intimate as losing their virginity to penetrative sex.

Oral sex may even be considered more intimate to some. So for this reason, a woman might be put off by the idea of giving you a blowjob. 

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2. Hygiene

A penis is something men use to pee with, everyone is aware of that. A woman might be hesitant about giving a blowjob because of possible urine contamination.

Sometimes, a woman just won’t do it because she is worried about a guy’s approach to hygiene. It might smell bad or even taste bad. If it were the other way around, any man would agree.

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3. Power play 

If you are with a narcissist or in a toxic relationship, your partner may be holding off giving you a blowjob as a power play tactic.

This is a mind game where she may use a blowjob against you to get something that she wants. It is a sad fact, but some women do use it as something to hold over a man’s head.

4. Intimidation 

Listen, a man’s package can be intimidating for some, especially when they are faced with a penis for the first time.

Sometimes, a girl doesn’t know what to do with it, and she will be too afraid to try.

5. It’s painful

The mouth and throat are not as versatile as the vagina. Penises can be a pain for some women and they will refuse to put them in their mouths. It can hurt and even cause a woman to gag.

Some women have a very sensitive gag reflex, and it could simply be that she’s worried about being sick during the act. So if a woman thinks she can’t handle a penis that’s too big, she will give up on it altogether.

6. She doesn’t like how it looks

Women look at a penis the way men look at breasts. If it does not appeal to her, she will not want to put it in her mouth. 

Therefore if she does not like the way it looks, she may get turned off by the idea of giving you a blowjob. 

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7. She had a bad experience before

It’s possible that she gave a blowjob in the past and it didn’t go according to plan. Maybe something happened that caused her to have a bad memory attached to the act. 

Some guys can be pretty inconsiderate and when they get carried away in the moment, they don’t think about the girl who’s doing all the work.

So she might have bad memories associated with the act and not feel comfortable doing it again. 

8. She really doesn’t like blowjobs at all

Everyone is entitled to their own sexual preference. Some kinks turn you on, and a lot of others likely turn you off. This is the same for everyone when it comes to sexual kinks, positions, and acts.

Perhaps the lady in your life really doesn’t like giving blowjobs and she’s simply vowed not to put herself through it again. It just doesn’t turn her on and that’s completely valid.

9. She’s worried you won’t like it

If she’s never given a blowjob before or had a bad experience in the past, she may refuse because she’s worried you won’t enjoy it. She may become self-conscious about her performance and too nervous to try.

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10. It’s because you don’t go down on her 

Relationships are about give and take, and so is sex. If you’re asking for blowjobs but you never go down on her, can you blame her for refusing? 

Perhaps you should think about what you do for her and then maybe she’ll reconsider what she does for you. 

11. You’re being an ass

If you are not treating her right and dare to ask for a blowjob, this feature won’t do you much good. You need to change your perception of sexual intimacy.

A blowjob is still as intimate as sex itself. It is a gift that should be given to someone who deserves it – a man who knows how to give when it comes to all aspects of a relationship.

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