You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Sexually speaking, I am the master. The good news is that If you want to be like the “master” then you can join my inner circle where only the best and yet simple secrets are shared regularly.

For example, assuming your penis size is on the small to average size… I want you to look at the size of that butt and read on the open secret (because I will give it to everyone here)  on how you could fuck her with deep penetration which she would feel to her core.


I know you are thinking doggy will do the trick, but you are both correct and WRONG.


Because ordinary doggy won’t cut it but a modification of it, In this case I like to call it RAISED LAZY GRIND

Difficulty: 2/10 – Even if you’re disgustingly overweight, you can do this one.

This one really hits the spot.



Have your girl lay on her belly

Place a pillow under her pelvis, to raise her butt

You now lay on top of her

Her legs need to be in-between yours


Not only is this perfect for lazy folk, it’s also great for deep penetration because you’re using most of your bodyweight to push down on her butt, which is spreading the cheeks and giving you maximum thrust to pump power. It’s a g-spot winning position too.

You can now see why you will want to join my innercircle ( of course its free) where such simple and yet effective secrets areshared regularly?

Alternatively you can opt to settle for open secrets I erratically post here, since most of my time is spend with  my few inner circle who take these ideas seriously and act on them.


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