Alpha Male Traits in Bed - 10 Ways to Drive Your Woman Crazy with REAL Alpha Male Sex

Wanna Be ‘Great In Bed?’ Wanna have Alpha Male Sex? If You Do - You Gotta Learn to Screw Your Woman Like an Alpha! Here’s How It’s Done…

Every man would like to be good in bed. Many men think they are good in bed.

Very few truly are.

If you wanna be good in bed - you need to understand what women REALLY want in the bedroom. Then you need to ‘make it happen.’ You have to adopt alpha male traits in bed!

Cuz all the knowledge in the World is USELESS, until you take action.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about…

There are many things the Alpha Male does in the bedroom that the AVERAGE man does not. Things women LOVE.

Right now, I’ll share some of the most important with you.

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1. Take Control and Lead Your Woman

The Alpha Male understands that women are SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE.

He knows that women do not want to take control in the bedroom. They don’t want to take the lead. They don’t wanna call the shots.

For these reasons, the Alpha ‘steps up’ and assumes the role of THE LEADER in the bedroom…

Confidently ‘taking his woman by the hand’ and showing her the way.

Ultimately, the more DOMINANT he is - the more submissive his woman can be. And, the more submissive she is - the easier and harder she will CUM. There are many ways to dominate a woman in bed! Keep reading to find out more.

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2. Screw Her Mind - Not Just Her Pussy

“Sure, She Likes Getting Her Pussy Fucked - But… She Likes Having Her MIND Fucked Too!”

Most men see SEX as a purely PHYSICAL experience…

They see it as a ‘cock and pussy’ thing.

The Alpha knows better.

Sure, he LOVES pussy - much more so than ‘Mr Average.’

But, he also understands that for women, sex is much more of a MENTAL thing that it is for men. So he fucks his woman’s MIND - not just her pussy.

How does the Alpha fuck his woman’s mind?

One of the most effective ways to dominate a woman in bed is using DIRTY TALK.

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3. Be Creative and ‘Mix It Up’

Most men have the sexual creativity of a Goldfish.

This leads to boring sex that’s always the same.

And, while guys are mostly happy just getting sex - women are different. Women want GREAT SEX.

Sex that’s new, different and exciting every time.

The Alpha Male understands this and does at least one thing different every time he ‘gets it on’ with his woman. Because that is one of the keys to keeping the sex interesting and exciting in the long-run.

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4. Do All The ‘Naughty’ Stuff Most Guys Are Afraid To Do

Men have been BRAINWASHED into thinking that women are ‘delicate and fragile.’

Listen up.

Vaginas are made to push out babies! They are hard to BREAK!

My point?

The average man’s belief that women are delicate and fragile leads to soft, tepid ‘love-making’ that drives most women crazy with BOREDOM. Because it never, or rarely, makes her cum.

Women like it HARD and DEEP most of the time.

They like it ‘naughty.’

What ‘counts’ as NAUGHTY sex?

Dirty talk? For sure.

Spanking? Hell yeah.

Hair grabbing? Absolutely.

Anal play? Damn right.

Women LOVE it all.

It your job, to give ‘em what they want.

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5. Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms Every Time

Ultimately, this is what really separates the average dude and the Alpha Male in the bedroom.

The average man has real trouble making women ORGASM.

And, for that reason - most women get BORED of the average guy real fast.

The Alpha Male is different. He ‘gets women off’ quickly and easily - over and over again. And, for this exact reason - women LOVE him.

And, don’t think the Alpha has such ease making women cum because he is hung like a horse.


The reason the Alpha is so good at making women CUM is because he has a vast repertoire of proven ORGASM techniques. And he is a Master of points 1, 2, 3 and 4 in this blog post!!! (Think about that for a second).

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6. Don’t Be An Ego-Driven ‘Know It All’

“Women Really Don’t Like Smug Guys Who Think They ‘Know It All’ in Bed - Yet, Actually Know Nothing!”

If there is one thing worse than a man who is BAD in bed…

It is the guy who is crap in bed - but thinks he’s great.

Trust me…

I’ve had enough women tell me THAT guy is like there WORST nightmare.

His EGO is so fragile he thinks he ‘knows it all’ - and therefore, he never even tries to improve his sexual skill-set.

Don’t be that guy.

Understand that  no matter how good you get in bed - there is always room for improvement. In fact, apply that concept to ALL the areas of your life that matter to you. It will make you a better man.

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7. Never Blame Your Woman

It is easy to BLAME the woman when your dick won’t work.

It’s easy to say it’s her fault she can’t ORGASM.

But. Know THIS:

It is never her fault (for reasons I will explain another time).

For now, just know this:

The Alpha Male NEVER makes it ‘her fault’ in the bedroom.

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8. Understand That Some Subject Are ‘Off Limits’

“Women Are Rarely Honest About How Many People They’ve Slept With - and You Look Needy & Insecure If You Ask!”

“How many guys have you slept with Honey?”

“How big was your last boyfriend?”

“Could he make you orgasm during intercourse?”

Average men often ask such questions of their women. The only reason for asking these questions is a lack of confidence and massive insecurity.

Questions like these generally make women feel very insecure.

And, if they are honest with their answers - they can CRUSH a man’s EGO.

Owning World Class ‘Bedroom Skills’ gives you the CONFIDENCE to act in-spite of who she might have been with in the past. Because, you know that, in all probability, even if he looked like Brad Pitt and had a 12 inch schlong - you’ll still be BETTER in bed ;)

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9. Learn To Love Your Dick

The Alpha Male loves his DICK.

Whatever his size.

It’s a MUST.

You see, if you ‘hate on your dick’ - like many guys do - it’ll show as a LACK of CONFIDENCE.

And, that’s a very bad thing - because women LOVE confident men.

Whatever your size…

Learn to love your dick.

Women will sense that too - and they’ll love you for it!

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10. Realize That Women Love To Be OWNED In The Bedroom

“OWN Your Woman In The Bedroom - It’s What She Wants!”

Did you know that contrary to what society wants us to believe - women LOVE to be OWNED in the bedroom. If you are looking for ways to be more dominant in bed, then you definitely need to engrave this in your brain:

Women want to be SLUTTY for their men.

It’s why great women love it when you say things like this during sex:

“You are my naughty little slut”

“I’m going to use your body just to make myself feel good”


“I own your pussy”

If that makes you feel uncomfortable - so be it.

It is the TRUTH.

The Alpha knows it, loves it and fully embraces it - and that’s why women can’t get enough of it.

Leave ‘em below.

And I’ll talk to you soon…

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