({}) 5 Reasons Men Have Evolved a Taste for Cunnilingus

Most men don’t call going down on women cunnilingus — they call it “pussy immersion.” This is because they don’t just lick the vagina when they give head; they literally “immerse” the face in the sex.

A man likes to feel what he calls the “infinite textures” of the vagina — not just against his tongue but all over his face. He wants to explore the outer lips of the vulva as well as the inner ones. Then he wants to plunge his tongue deep inside of it.

Only afterward does he take the clit into his mouth and suck. But he doesn’t stop there.

He wants his cheeks and chin to become soaked with the juices. He wants to feel the thighs squeeze around the sides of his head, her hips bucking.

And while all this is happening, he wants to savor not just the taste but the scent as well. Sounds hot, right?

But have you ever asked yourself why men like cunnilingus so much?

Evolutionary psychologists believe they have the answer. Or at least they think they may know why our human ancestors developed a predilection for putting their mouths on pudenda.

There were reproductive advantages to doing so. Those of our human ancestors who performed cunnilingus the most were the “fittest to survive.” They most effectively passed on their genes.

And so today we have a whole population of men who love licking pussy.

Below are five of the reasons that evolutionary psychologists believe modern men may have evolved to have a fondness for playing with a pussy.

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Reason #1: When men perform cunnilingus, they ejaculate more sperm.

A study found that the longer men spend licking a woman’s vagina, the greater the volume of sperm they produce per ejaculation.

In other words, men shoot a bigger load as a by-product of going down on a gal.

Therefore, they also have a better chance of impregnating her.

It makes sense that our prehistoric ancestors might have developed an affinity for “dining on the Y” as there were evolutionary benefits to doing so.

Those who performed the most cunnilingus most successfully passed on their genes.

Reason #2: Going down on a female was how our human ancestors determined if she was ovulating.

Our human ancestors might have utilized cunnilingus as a way to determine a female’s fertility.

Other animals in the mammalian kingdom use cunnilingus for this purpose. Sniffing their mate’s vagina is part of the mating process — a way “to gather scent cues to her fertility status.”

So why wouldn’t our human ancestors go down on their mates for the same reason?

It seems credible that by sniffing (and licking) a vagina, our male human ancestors would have also been able to discern whether a female was ovulating.

Thinks this sounds far-fetched? This comes on the back of another study, carried out a decade earlier in Finland, that found that men preferred “the odors of women whose menstrual cycles were near ovulatory phase.”

In other words, when a woman is most fertile, her smell is most pleasing to men.

So even today, the scent of an ovulating female still smells best to men.

Just another reason why men may have evolved to love licking pussy so much. 

Reason #3: Cunnilingus increases a woman’s chance of orgasm — and therefore of getting pregnant.

Men evolved to give their mates cunnilingus because women orgasm more frequently with oral stimulation.

Interestingly, another study recently concluded that the female orgasm may be an evolutionary vestige from when our human ancestors needed to have an orgasm to ovulate.

There is an endocrine surge just following the female orgasm in humans. This surge of hormones is similar to what’s been observed in other mammals that need natural chemicals to tell their body to ovulate.

Therefore, to bring a female to orgasm by licking her vagina just might have been how females most easily got pregnant in the early days of humanity.

Reason #4: Men go down on their female partners to detect if they’ve cheated.

Men may also have evolved to perform cunnilingus as a way to discern infidelity in their female mates.

It sounds reasonable. When a man is licking a woman’s vagina, he’s in a good position to taste and smell for another man’s trace.

Still think this seems implausible? Take what happened to a friend of mine who was able to detect that his girlfriend had cheated on him while performing oral sex on her.

Namely, he tasted latex and spermicide in her vagina, but they didn’t use condoms.

When he confronted her about it, she admitted she’d had sex with someone else.

Smoking gun.!

No wonder our human ancestors could have utilized cunnilingus for the same purpose. 

Reason #5: Vaginal pheromones give men more sexual stamina.

Finally, a study found evidence that when a man smells a woman’s vaginal scents, his testosterone levels increase.

Olfactory stimulation occurring during cunnilingus is…rewarding to the male, e.g., acting as a releaser semiochemical that enhance men’s sexual stamina.

In short, giving a gal head enables a guy to have bette rerections and last longer in bed.

Yet another reason why our human ancestors were drawn to cunnilingus — and why men today still love going down on women.

So, why not eat some pussy today?

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