Magical 20-Minute Mark Challenge: Ejaculation control gets easier the longer you go

When you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, or what I refer to as unwanted or involuntary ejaculation, the grinding, gnawing, relentless pull to ejaculate can defeat you within the first few minutes of sexual intercourse.

Will this overwhelming sensation to give in, give way, let go and release my ejaculation ever cease?

Yes! You will be rewarded for every second of struggle and effort you put in to holding back your ejaculation and pushing through to the Magical 20-Minute Mark of sex and erection.

It is one of nature’s cruelest jokes that the first few minutes of sexual stimulation are the most sensitive for a penis. The danger zone is from early erection, to fully erect and throbbing hard.

This is when the nerve-endings and engorging tissues of your penis are having an absolutely wild party of good sensation and sweet vibration! Every muscle in your body and thought in your mind have also come along for this non-stop joyride to ejaculation.

Fortune Favors the Brave

Yes, nature wants you to ejaculate and procreate. However for anyone looking to focus on the pleasurable side of the human body, the sensual, sexual side of our physical nature, there is a pot of gold waiting at the end of the ejaculation control rainbow.

After approximately 20 continuous minutes of having a straining, relentlessly on-the-verge-of-ejaculating erection, your party-going nerve-endings begin passing out on floor, burnt out and exhausted from all their crazy revelry.

Your well-deserved and hard-fought efforts are rewarded with nature’s own remedy for ejaculation control: You will begin to feel like a natural numbing cream has been applied to your penis: The pressure to ejaculate eases off noticeably; you will drop down a level or two in sensitivity.

You will also notice your erection gets locked-in as your body’s natural Viagra-like drug kicks in. At this point you can go downstairs to get a glass of water for your girl, and return with a tea towel hanging from your dick, as your erection feels like it is set in stone.

Join the 5% Club!

Only 5% of men ever discover the benefits of prolonged erection and sexual intercourse beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark, because the others never get there. Most premature ejaculations occur within the first few minutes of sexual intercourse.

Nature’s own remedy for ejaculation control is also her best kept secret: The longer you have sexual intercourse, the easier it gets. And the more you practise holding on to your ejaculation and struggling for control beyond that mark, the better you will get at controlling your ejaculation, naturally.

Doing this without pills, creams, or lotions will enable you to reap the many benefits of natural ejaculation control.

Because if you can learn to control your ejaculation naturally, using the techniques in this book below to push through those first 20 minutes of sex and intercourse, you will pass through a little-known doorway to the world beyond the Magical 20-Minute Mark.

This is the post-ejaculatory realm, where men and women join their forces of masculine and feminine sexual energies to create multi-orgasmic sexual experiences

Every Man Can Learn Ejaculation Control

There are many good reasons why you do not yet know how to control your ejaculation:

1. No one in porn ever seems to have an issue, so you think you are alone – you are not!

2. No one has ever told you that this is something which every man must learn – it does not happen naturally!

3. Most men do not know how to fuck the right way looks like – it's never shown in porn!

4. No one has ever explained to you how to  fuck a woman the right way so she enjoys it, and you keep your ejaculation in your body

Many of the factors which contribute to what you call“premature ejaculation” are the result of fundamental misunderstandings as to what you are doing when you are having sex in general, and intercourse in particular.

This book above will take you on a transformative journey from a guy who fumbles around during sex, unable to control his ejaculation, to a multi-orgasmic man who understands the importance of building sexual energy – and therefore sexual satisfaction – with his woman.

Issues with premature ejaculation are transformed through understanding how your body works, and learning to tame it so that you are in control.

In other words, you will learn how to  fuck a woman the right way. And when you can do this, you and your woman will discover the real magic of being fucked the right way.

She will thank you for it!

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