This is How to make a girl want you so bad that her pussy starts to drip

How do you turn her on without being cheesy?

How do you make her beg you to make love to her?


Learning how to make a girl horny is easy, as long as she already likes you.

(TOP SECRET): One of the best methods to get any woman in the mood for sex is an erotic massage.

More on that later, for now, let’s get back the article and our tip numero uno… [Read Vagina Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Her with Your Hands]

1: Use your finger tips… A LOT!

When you are ready to get her ready, lightly, no, barely touch her anywhere on her body with your finger tips. When the chills start to appear, you are on the right path. Listen up men, women absolutely love this type of touch.

It is extremely erotic and hits all of the pleasure signals in the brain. In fact, you could take it a step further. Touch her like that while just watching tv on the couch, but DO NOT make any advance.

Do that for a couple of days and she will want you so bad that she won’t be able to wait for you to make the first move. That’s guaranteed pussy…guaranteed!!! [Read Foreplay Done Right; Getting Her Horny & Bothered]

2: “Inappropriate touching” in public.

Touch her ass, walk in front of her and rub your hand against her pussy or tits. Do it a lot. She can’t really do anything about it because you are around people.

She’ll think you’re being silly, but her panties will be wet by the time you are home alone. Even if she says stop, keep doing it. (unless your woman is a real prude)

She will totally get a kick out of it, and regardless of what she’s saying, she loves that you seem like you can’t keep your hands off of her. [Read Sexually Owning Her; From Seduction, Foreplay, Peak Arousal to Penetration Techniques]

3: Kill the routine & keep her guessing.

Sometimes, when our men want sex, we give it to them even though we aren’t horny. We, of course are very dry then. How do you get your girl horny even when she’s obviously not?

Listen up! If after the making out she is still dry, you need to do something more creative, something that speaks to her sexuality.

Trick her mind. This gets me every damn time! Undress her, kiss her slowly, lick down her body, push her hands above her head, and then stand up.

Tell her how much she turns you on and how much you love her body. Tell her how good her pussy feels, oh, and the most important part, say it all while you’re jacking off.

She will love the compliments, but she’ll love how hard SHE makes your cock. [Read Crack Her Code; The Art and Craft of Sexually Driving Her Wild In Bed]

4: Dirty dirty talk and tease!

This is something my man did a couple of years ago, and I’ll be honest, the first time he said it, I laughed. The words weren’t funny, it was just so random.

While you and your girl are hanging out doing whatever (let’s just say you’re watching TV), don’t even look at her, simply say,

“Baby, (she’ll respond), I wanna eat your pussy”.

Still don’t look at her. As long as she enjoys a good pussy licking, you’re golden! She’ll be ready instantly and it’ll take all of thirty seconds worth of work before she’s ready to be fucked hard core!!

On the other side of the coin, read this article about cute and romantic things to say to your girlfriend. [Read Take Me Right Here; Making Your Woman Do Anything in Bed]

5: Be forceful!

When your woman is playing on Facebook instead of paying much needed attention to your cock, grab her by the hair. Tell her,

“that pussy belongs to me and I want it, now.”

Women, regardless of how much of a feminist, typically like a man who takes control! So take control. Show her why you are the man. Throw her beautiful ass on the bed and pull her clothes off. Remind her how much she loves feeling you inside of her.

Of course, there are some crazy women out there who absolutely do not like that kind of thing and would be mad/upset if their man did this. If you know your woman doesn’t like this kind of thing, don’t do it. We women are way too emotional and she will surely feel hurt. [Read Alpha Male Style; Assertively Sexually Satisfying Her in Bed]

6: Be dominant & decisive

I am a woman who loves to be told what to do in bed. The more control from my bf, the better. We fell into a bit of a slump again for a few weeks, and he did the hottest thing to get me going just a couple of weeks ago.

He did his usual; he went into the bedroom, got naked, but this time, he opened the door with his cock standing tall and said,

“I need you to come sit on my cock, right now.”

Holy shit! That was hot! My pussy was wet instantly. It wasn’t just the words he used. It was the fact that his dick was already hard. Every woman loves thinking that she so turns her man on that he looks at her and gets a hard on.

Fake it if you must. Jack off for a minute and then walk up to her, or call her into the bedroom. As long as she doesn’t know you jacked off first, she will totally love it.

Another great way to show dominance, whilst still giving her a tonne of pleasure is the ‘oral choke’.

You basically perform oral on her but at the same time, use one hand to grip around her neck (lovingly). [Read Cunnilingus 101; An Illustrated Guide into Eating Pussy Like a Savage]

7: Dry humping.

Yep, I went teeny bopper on you! I’m telling you, women love dry humping. Make out with her like you used to. Clothes on, you on top, on the couch, on the bed, whatever.

Just make sure that your are grinding and kissing passionately on the lips and the neck…. and then whisper in her ear!

If that doesn’t make your girl wet, and I mean soaking wet, you’ve got some deeper problems in your relationship!

The feel of your breath on her neck and ear while you are grinding and intermittently kissing her will surely push her completely over the edge. [Read Ultimate Sexual Stamina Program | The Blueprint to Mastering Male Ejaculation Control]

8: Porn. Yep, porn.

Now, I know that a lot of women supposedly don’t like porn, but if you go about it the right way, you should be able to get her to watch it with you. If she does, science takes care of the rest.

Our bodies automatically react to naked people, so regardless of what she says, adult entertainment will turn her on. Suggestions: “Not The Wizard of Oz”, “Squirting”, and “Lesbian P*rn”.

The first one is a porn spoof, and happens to be hysterical as well as hot. The other two are two types of porn that typical make women horny.

Women don’t usually like to stare at cock, so lesbian porn is a good way to go. Squirting porn is just damn hot, and if she’s never seen it, it’s a great way to get her to watch it with you.

You can then match it up with, I want to try to make you squirt. Which brings me to… [Read Getting Her Kinky; Exploring Fantasies & Games to keep Her Sexually Invested Aroused & Interested]

9: Finger her…the right way!

Women LOVE to be fingered and it will definitely make her horny. When you finger her, don’t go slow, go fast, bang hard, and use your other hand to play with her clit.

If you want to try to make her squirt, which can be done, simply use two fingers, cupped and turned up. Rub with pressure back and forth (preferably quickly) the g-spot (it feels like an inflated balloon), rub her clit at the same time. [Read Fingering Her; Explicitly Illustrated Techniques to do it Right]

So many sites will tell you that she needs to trust you and blah blah blah. I call BULL SHIT! She doesn’t need to trust you, she simply needs to be using her muscles as she cums.

Women often prevent themselves from female ejaculation, aka squirting, because it feels like they’re getting ready to pee. If they allow the feeling to continue and progress, and then, instead of just letting it “cum” out, push at the same time, she’ll spray a clear liquid….female ejaculation at it’s finest.

If you know how to make your girl squirt, she’ll be horny all the time!

In conclusion, women really just want to feel like you’re trying. They want to feel special. If you can make your woman feel these things in your sexual advances, you are sure to make your girl horny every damn time!

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Couples Plus+: Download ALL MY 43 Sex Guides for COUPLES/MEN/WOMEN in PDF & EPUB

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