Should I Ejaculate Just Before Sex?

Releasing excess sexual tension by ejaculating just before having sex with her may help you with ejaculation control

Learning how to control your ejaculation while having sex and sexual intercourse with a woman is about learning how to manage your sexual tension.

Sexual tension is the force which powers your erection, your desire, your need for sex.

If you are running “hot,” have large amounts of sexual tension coursing through your veins, feel very revved, horny, and extremely sensitive, able to ejaculate with the slightest bit of stimulation, then ejaculating before you have sex is probably a good idea.

The question is, how close to the actual deed should you do this?

No Fap For Ejaculation Control?

Ejaculation is the release valve of sexual tension. Which means holding in your ejaculation will increase your sexual tension, allowing it build, and ejaculating will let it out, decreasing it.

This is why “No Fap” does not work for ejaculation control. And in fact, doing so makes it much more difficult.

Sexual tension, like hunger or fatigue, builds up on its own. You need do nothing more than go about your day to have a steadily increasing supply of sexual tension, sexual desire.

No fap will increase your sexual tension by keeping it in and allowing it to build. Using no fap to help with ejaculation control is like holding in your pee to make it easier to control your pee: a clear contradiction.

How Close is Too Close?

Let’s say you know you are going to have sex with her on Friday night. When is the ideal time to have your final ejaculation before you meet with her?

In general terms, I would recommend ejaculating within a 24 hour period of the live event. This means your last ejaculation before intercourse should be somewhere between Thursday night, and Friday night.

Letting your sexual tension build for longer than this (last ejaculation Wednesday or earlier) is too far. When Friday night rolls around, you will be filled with cum and sexual tension, and this will make it more challenging.

However, ejaculating Friday night, within an hour or two before meeting her, or Friday afternoon, will probably be too close.

Just Get It Over With

I do know of men who will purposely ejaculate almost immediately upon entering her, with the hope of regaining their erection and desire without the need for any kind of real refractory period*.

Although ejaculating this close to meeting her may work for you, or may work under certain conditions, I do not recommend it at all. I would classify this habit of draining yourself very close to sex as a temporary, or emergency measure needed for specific situations (new girl, very, very hot and sexy, and you are very revved, turned on, filled with sexual tension).

Ejaculating this close to the event is not a sustainable form of sexual tension management in the long run. It will not lead you to making advances with controlling your ejaculation, nor will it address the fundamental issues with learning to control your ejaculation.

Avoiding The Psychological Affects

Besides the physiological challenges and pitfalls of draining yourself just before having sex, there are psychological implications which can become even more detrimental than struggling with quick releases and early, involuntary, premature ejaculations.

You may ejaculate the morning of, only to find you experience an unusually massive orgasm which will leave you so thoroughly drained that you spent the entire day and most of the evening before meeting her obsessing about the fact that you have no desire left!

Sometimes you won't be able to shake that “post-ejaculatory” sensitivity in the tip of your penis which prevents you from getting excited again, all day long. 

Probably under “normal” circumstances you have no issues ejaculating a few times in the day, but the pressure of knowing you are going to have sex that night, and the mental anguish you experience wondering if you could get your desire back in time, will drive you crazy.

Getting Into Your Head

Now paranoid, you may go to the bathroom and check your dick all day to see if you could get another erection. Of course trying to turn yourself on at work during a pee break is not ideal for testing your level of excitation.

You can see how this would really start to wreak havoc mentally. Your preoccupation with this would snowball into obsession, plaguing you all day and right up until you are lying naked with her.

If you do lose it early – and you will! – then remember: Most women have absolutely no idea what it means to ejaculate, what it does for your libido, how it will affect your erection, or how long you will need to get your boner back.

All they see is your reaction and your attitude to this event. If you do not get dramatic about it, they will not either. If you keep on going as if it is a small detour on an otherwise long and lovely trip through the land of sexual pleasure, they will too!

When it happens, I recommend you:

stay calm

stay in the moment

do what you can to stay with her, stay close, stay sexy

do not get angry at yourself

do not put on a big show of disappointment

minimize the impact by downplaying it

fully expect to get it back

look for other, creative ways to keep the sexual tension alive

focus on her until you get hard again


Every Man Can Learn Ejaculation Control

There are many good reasons why you do not yet know how to control your ejaculation:

1. No one in porn ever seems to have an issue, so you think you are alone – you are not!

2. No one has ever told you that this is something which every man must learn – it does not happen naturally!

3. Most men do not know how to fuck the right way looks like – it's never shown in porn!

4. No one has ever explained to you how to  fuck a woman the right way so she enjoys it, and you keep your ejaculation in your body

Many of the factors which contribute to what you call“premature ejaculation” are the result of fundamental misunderstandings as to what you are doing when you are having sex in general, and intercourse in particular.

This book above will take you on a transformative journey from a guy who fumbles around during sex, unable to control his ejaculation, to a multi-orgasmic man who understands the importance of building sexual energy – and therefore sexual satisfaction – with his woman.

Issues with premature ejaculation are transformed through understanding how your body works, and learning to tame it so that you are in control.

In other words, you will learn how to  fuck a woman the right way. And when you can do this, you and your woman will discover the real magic of being fucked the right way.

She will thank you for it!

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