Acquired taste; How to Eat Pussy & like it

This book is just going to show how go down on her in a way which you will both like. Just like anything else that you learn to love, I guarantee you - pussy IS and WILL become delicious. And ooh, by the way don’t think it is all about pleasing her, here is why you should actually develop pussy appetite.

A study found that the longer men spend licking a woman’s vagina, the greater the volume of sperm they produce per ejaculation. In other words, men shoot a bigger load as a by-product of going down on a gal. Also vaginal pheromones give men more sexual stamina. In the same study they found that when a man smells a woman’s vaginal scents, his testosterone levels increase. Olfactory stimulation occurring during cunnilingus is…rewarding to the male, e.g., acting as a releaser semiochemical that enhance men’s sexual stamina.In short, giving a gal head enables a guy to have better erections and last longer in bed.

So, why not eat some pussy today?

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The Horny Caterpillar Sex Move to WOW Her in the Bedroom