Men! Here are Your 3 Explosive ideas to Talking Dirty & Filthy During Sex


Talking sexy in bed to a woman enhances sex to be more provocative, enticing, and electrifying.  It turbo charges the lovemaking.

Think about this.  What if you were with a woman and you couldn’t vocalize ANY sounds at all?

Imagine if you couldn’t give the woman any verbal feedback, not even a slight moan.  Imagine if you had to be perfectly silent during sex.

Without getting any kind of verbal feedback from you, not only would it be dull, but the women could get confused, have a misunderstanding, and become frustrated.

Sex is as much mental as it is physical.  And if you couldn’t even make a sound, sex is not going to be as hot, as passionate, or as steamy.  Sound itself is a powerful erotic tool that can heighten her pleasure, magnify her feelings, and intensify her orgasm.

That’s why your voice is so important to the quality of the woman’s experience.

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 Tip #1: Explosive Sex Is In The Mind, Not The Positions!

The key to becoming a great lover does not lie in ways to stimulate a woman’s body; it lies in ways to stimulate a woman’s mind.

Most sex advice you find in books and popular culture comes from the common misunderstanding that women become aroused mostly through physical techniques like trying different positions.  But that’s not true.

Physically stimulating a woman’s body alone is not enough to make you a great lover to her, particularly if she has a lot of mental hang-ups holding her back.

After all, if she can’t let go with her mind to orgasm or experience pleasure, how is simply changing her positions or hitting her g-spot different going to make that much of a difference?

Think about it, good sex is mental.

Try to masturbate and not fantasize at all.  You can’t do it.

And unlike men, any woman can be trained to have orgasms just through mental fantasizing.  Sex for a woman at its very nature, at its very core, starts from inside her head.

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Have you ever been with a girl who was sexually damaged inside her mind?

So yes, physical technique in sex is important but it’s your mental technique is what will separate you from all the other guys.

Maybe you already know how to lick a woman to the heights of pleasure, but that doesn’t mean you know how to make all her deep core fantasies come true.  That doesn’t mean you know how to clear all the inhibitions out of her mind that hold her back.  That doesn’t mean you know how to link up pleasure in new ways for her.

Great physical technique may make you a good lover; but tapping directly into her mind, will make you a God.

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Tip #2. Use Repetition!

Dirty talk  commands become more powerful and forceful when repeated in rapid succession, creating a very trance-like effect.  For example tell a woman,

“I love moving my fingers through your hair… I love the way you smell… I love everything about you baby…”

“You’re a bad, naughty girl.  That’s right, you’re so bad.  I’m going to treat you like a bad girl, the bad girl you’ve always dreamed of being deep down… you want to be bad.”

“You like being fucked hard?  I’m going to fuck you hard… take you and fuck you real hard against the wall and fuck you.”

“Suck it!  Come on, suck it!  Suck it like you mean it!”

“Your kisses are so warm; your hugs are so warm; your tummy is so warm; you’re like my warm little teddy bear.”

Repeating the same words over and over in rapid succession like so drives women into a submissive frenzy.

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Tip #3. Give Her Compliments

All women have insecurities and they like nothing more than getting compliments in the bedroom.  Compliments put them at ease and they really eat them up.  Tell her,

“I love eating your pussy it tastes so good.”

“Whenever I’m around you I feel so sexy.”

“Your body is so sexy.  I’m so lucky to have you.”

“I always feel so good around you.”

“Your mouth is so beautiful sucking me off like that.”

“I love the way you smell; I’m having such a hard time trying to not kiss you.”

“Your body looks so sexy half dressed.”

“You have great tits; I love playing with them.”

Anyway as you know dirty talking works well with some roleplay and if this sounds right for you then this guide has a nicely detailed road map drawn for you

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