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This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on how to give women orgasms....READ MORE

A man who knows the art оf сunnіlіnguѕ has not lеаrnеd thе аrt by thеmѕеlvеѕ thrоugh tіmе....READ MORE

Tasting pussy? You either love it or not. At the very least, to be a champion ...READ MORE

Do you want to learn how to masturbate to a state of blissful pleasure that is far more lasting and intense than....READ MORE

If you are a guy and sexually inexperienced, don’t face your initial sexual encounters with uneasiness....READ MORE

This book is written for for anyone who want to know step-by-step how to give a woman exquisite oral pleasure with a deft tongue....READ MORE

Now in this educative guide what is your worst case scenario for rubbing pussy for some time?....READ MORE

It offers strategies and techniques to re-train your mind and body in order to have longer-lasting sex, while increasing your partner’s pleasure....READ MORE

Now my friends what you have before your eyes is a master class in the art of mastering your woman....READ MORE

So few men are skilled at eating pussy, that even just reading a few pages of this book will literally put you in the top 1% of cunnilingus masters....READ MORE

Guys are often guilty of skipping foreplay altogether, instead going straight to sex without worming her up first....READ MORE

This is a multi-dimensional sex education book that helps men become “Sex Gods” and even more importantly....READ MORE

Here’s the thing about your penis: “Just right” doesn’t exist — but ask yourself: if fingers, lips, and tongue can give earth-shaking pleasure to a woman...READ MORE

Frustrated women are typically afraid to ask for what they want in bed....READ MORE

No sex technique says “I love you” quite the way that eating her out does....READ MORE

It’s that more and more women long to be sexually dominated. They want alpha males, assertive and strong, taking charge of their nocturnal activities....READ MORE

You will learn that females conceptualize sex differently from men – and how you can take advantage of it....READ MORE

There is an art to making love, and just like the variety of paint strokes a painter uses to create a beautiful piece of art, a varied stroke technique is needed to....READ MORE

Here are simple sex rules that can be learned and understood. And used in real sex life....READ MORE

Women’s brains need more novelty and more variety in bed than men’s do.....READ MORE

In this book, I’m going to reveal to you, all the techniques and moves for fingering a pussy....READ MORE

In this fun-to-read, empowering book about the many angles of female arousal and pleasure....READ MORE

 It’s not hard to get a blow job. By the time you’ve finished reading this powerful guide....READ MORE


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Above is a list of books you will get. Click each to view INSIDE DETAILS & RANDOM PAGES SCREENSHOTS


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