My First Orgasm; Female Masturbation For Beginners

I spent much of my late teens trying to work out how to have an orgasm during one spectacularly unsuccessful attempt after another. I would rub myself raw until I either got bored, tired or sore; with no progress. While I always began the sexual act or masturbation with the best of intentions, the orgasm never materialized.

But wasn’t the clitoris a magic button that produced physical and mental ecstasy when you touched it? Why didn’t it work for me? Was there something wrong with me?

Once a boyfriend who felt sorry for me was determined to help me climax. God love him. First I had to explain that the clitoris was not the vagina. After imparting the little I knew about the mysterious workings of the female body, he applied his fanciful strategies and together we experimented with a multitude of props, strokes and positions. His efforts, while offered with genuine desire to help me, resulted in nothing more than a hypersensitive, aching clitoris and a bite mark on my left nipple. Epic fail.

One boyfriend, even suggested that I fake it so I could help enhance his own orgasm. Fortunately, my self-esteem wasn’t so low that I capitulated on that one. Clearly that relationship went nowhere and with great relief, I now think of him as Mr O so wrong.

Since I had no idea how to do it myself, I couldn’t tell them what to do. So I wandered around in a wasteland of sexual disappointment and ignorance for years. While I never faked an orgasm, I did pretend to be happy and relaxed when it was all over, despite a sense of frustration and sometimes jealousy that it was so easy for him.

Long after they ejaculated into my throbbing, disenchanted vagina and had rolled over to fall asleep, I would lie awake, unsatisfied, wondering about the magic formula for orgasm and whether I would ever find it.

Once, I decided to read a book about orgasms. I was well into the book before I read something that was remotely useful. Finally, I had the missing piece of the puzzle. I applied the theory and after a number of experiments over a few days and some trial and error to fill in the gaps, it finally happened. What a relief. Sex and masturbation were very different beasts after that. Masturbation not only gave me orgasm on demand but the experience and confidence to become an equal player in the game of love.

So why read this book?

It is important for girls and women to have their first orgasm through masturbation rather than sex; both for themselves and for their future relationships.

Save yourself from the frustration and longing that I experienced in my pre-orgasmic years……Enjoy!!!

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Female Orgasm 101; Preparation, Building & Delivering it