Here is the Direct & Distract Method to Prolong Sex & Delay Ejaculation

This technique requires you to engage in sex positions that put the woman in control – which is great because firstly, it allows you to relax your important muscle groups and thus keep premature ejaculation in check. Secondly, you girl will get the thrill from being in charge.

As long as you keep your pelvic muscles relaxed during sex, your tendency to ejaculate quickly is significantly REDUCED…

The three most common sex positions that put her in control of the action are cowgirl (her on top, facing you), reverse cowgirl (her on top, facing away from you); and doggy style. (Doggy style might seem like a position where the man is in control, but in reality, very often the girl will start moving back and forth on her own).

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Now let’s say she is on top of you, in cowgirl. When you start to feel yourself getting near the edge, pull her down towards you to kiss her. In this position, her chest is pretty much parallel to your torso. This allows you to take over the action. Because she’s leaning forward so much, she’ll naturally stop or slow down the amount of bouncing and grinding. You can now place your hands on her rear and take over the thrusting at your own speed. 

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This gives you the chance to tamp down your arousal. So in essence, you distract by kissing her and direct by taking over the thrusting.

Now let’s imagine you’re in doggy and she’s controlling the back and forth movement. Distract her by leaning forward a little, reaching around her waist and rubbing her clitoris. 

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This will make her slow down her movement. Now slowly take over the thrusting until you’re going at a fair speed. At this point, lean back so you’re vertical again and carry on. When you’re ready for her to take over once more, stop thrusting and she’ll feel a natural urge take control again.

The Distract and Direct technique works so well because the girl always feels like she’s the one controlling the

A man can learn to exhibit loads of sexual confidence simply by building up his sexual competence. Skills are an important part of the sexual game play and for lasting longer action, even when – for a minute or two – you take over. She doesn’t realize this happens because she gets distracted by you kissing or rubbing her. Before she knows it, she’s back controlling the action. This makes sex feel two-way, shared and therefore darn good, for you and for her!


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