The Build Up Before Giving HER ORAL SEX – 7 Steps To Teasing Her To Please Her

Teasing will bring her to a frenzy, and it works on men, too.This foreplay also increases the chance that your woman will orgasm – by 50% if you add 15 to 20 minutes !

Now here’s a step-by-step guide to tease her:

1. Start With A Slow Journey – Kiss from her mouth down to her breasts. Keep kissing her body as you lower yourself to her waist and hips. As you get to her panties, place a hand on either leg and slowly spread them. Spots that are especially sensitive and turn a woman on are known as erogenous zones — and you might be surprised by some of them!

2. Panties – Don’t worry about taking her panties off just yet. Instead, kiss her vulva/vagina through her panties and even squeeze it lightly with your lips. You can also softly run your tongue over her vagina from the bottom right up to the clit.

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3. Lower – After kissing her through her panties for a few minutes, move slightly lower with your kissing along her inner thigh. You can go as far down as the inside of her knee here, but the further you move from her vagina, the less sensitive it gets. Kiss her down along her inner thigh on one leg, then back up and afterward switch to her other leg.

If she likes it rougher, you can gently squeeze the skin of her inner thigh between your lips or even teeth, but make sure not to be too rough. Otherwise, you risk seriously hurting her. You can also suck the skin here to give her a hickey that no one will see but her.

When crossing to the other leg, spend a little longer kissing her vagina outside of her panties. Don’t be surprised if she begs you to start eating her out at this stage…if she does, try to keep a slow pace to keep building the anticipation.

Download All 24 Sex Guides For MEN in PDF & EPUB

 Download All 7 Sex Guides For WOMEN in PDF & EPUB

4. Mons – Before you take her panties off, move your way above her clit to the top of her panties and place some soft kisses on her mons (the area above her clitoris).

5. Take Them Off – If she hasn’t already taken her panties off, place your fingers on either side of them, on the outside of her hips and slowly pull them down until they are all the way off.

6. Close Call – Now start slowly kissing and licking (extremely softly) all around her vagina and clit. The edge of your lips should be making a tiny amount of contact with her vagina and clit as you move your way around…constantly teasing her.

7. Main Course – Finally, you can get to the main course…it’s time to start eating pussy proper.

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