Ejaculation Control During Your First Sexual Encounters With a Woman

Learning to control your ejaculation is no different than learning any other form of physical manipulation, like learning to hold your pee when little, or ride a bicycle, kick a ball, do a summersault.

When you are starting out on your new sexual life, having intercourse for the first few (many) times, you encounter something new: mental, emotional, and physical stimulation on your penis like you’ve never felt before – or imaged to be possible, and the affects this has on inducing the ejaculatory process.

Discovering that having intercourse for more than a few seconds/minutes seems impossible, most guys immediately deem themselves to be premature ejaculators, imposing a death sentence upon themselves, and their newly-burgeoning sex lives.

The first few (many) times you get on a bicycle you will struggle to master balance. The same goes for every other physical maneuver you’ve mastered in your life, including mastering control over your ejaculation.

Lifelong Faller

You don’t take a surfboard into the water for the first time, fall off, and then run to the doctor: “Doctor I think I’m a lifelong faller, I can’t stay on a surfboard. Is there anything you can give me?”

You probably don’t remember teaching yourself to ejaculate in the first place, but you did have to figure that out too. And if you’ve perfected ejaculating, you can perfect not-ejaculating.

Just as everyone can learn to ride a bicycle, every man can learn to gain control of his ejaculation.

Up to now you have probably been focused on the pleasure of making yourself ejaculate, without much thought to anything else. You are probably unaware of the physiological pushings and pullings, squeezings and releasings that you’ve taught yourself to facilitate ejaculation easily and efficiently.

In fact, you have probably achieved a Pro-Shooter Status! So you see? You are good at this!

The 3 Key Aspects to Ejaculation Control

Sexual intercourse with a woman is a sensual experience like no other. Mind, body and soul are overwhelmed with sensations which stimulate all 5 of your physical senses, including your biggest sexual organ: the brain.

Premature ejaculation, or what I prefer to call unwanted, or involuntary ejaculation begins as soon as you start having sexual intercourse, and mainly because you do not know what the hell you are doing. This is why men of all ages needlessly struggle with ejaculation control and pleasing their partners by lasting longer in bed.

Tackling ejaculation control now, naturally, by learning what fucking a woman the right way is, will reap you lifelong rewards.

What I refer to as “fucking a woman the right way,” is achieved when these 3 Key Aspects to ejaculation control are used:

The Mental

The Physiological

The Technical

The Mental aspect of ejaculation control covers strategy, like what are you actually doing once you’ve stuck your penis inside of her vagina? Why are you rushing? If you think pumping away for a minute will result in her orgasm, think again.

Making the mental decision to hold off ejaculating no matter what! is just as important to ejaculation control as the physiological.

The Physiological aspect of ejaculation control requires you to learn about your own body’s ejaculatory system. Learn to read the signs and signals of your Point Of No Return, which is when the involuntary process of ejaculation takes over you.

The Technical aspect of ejaculation control deals with how you manoeuvre your body during sex. Proper entry techniques are essential to preventing premature ejaculation during the first 10 crucial minutes of intercourse.

This is when the penis is most sensitive and prone to premature ejaculation, when it just “comes out of nowhere!”

But, nature’s own remedy for ejaculation control is also her best kept secret: The more you practice holding on to your ejaculation and struggling for control, the better you will get at controlling your ejaculation, naturally.

Doing this without pills, creams, or lotions will enable you to reap the many benefits of natural ejaculation control.

Because if you can learn to control your ejaculation naturally, using the techniques in this book below, you will pass through a little-known doorway to the world beyond PE.

Every Man Can Learn Ejaculation Control

There are many good reasons why you do not yet know how to control your ejaculation:

1. No one in porn ever seems to have an issue, so you think you are alone – you are not!

2. No one has ever told you that this is something which every man must learn – it does not happen naturally!

3. Most men do not know how to fuck the right way looks like – it's never shown in porn!

4. No one has ever explained to you how to  fuck a woman the right way so she enjoys it, and you keep your ejaculation in your body

Many of the factors which contribute to what you call“premature ejaculation” are the result of fundamental misunderstandings as to what you are doing when you are having sex in general, and intercourse in particular.

This book above will take you on a transformative journey from a guy who fumbles around during sex, unable to control his ejaculation, to a multi-orgasmic man who understands the importance of building sexual energy – and therefore sexual satisfaction – with his woman.

Issues with premature ejaculation are transformed through understanding how your body works, and learning to tame it so that you are in control.

In other words, you will learn how to  fuck a woman the right way. And when you can do this, you and your woman will discover the real magic of being fucked the right way.

She will thank you for it!

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