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Does Size Matter More Than Stroke?

The age old question of "does size matter" will forever remain the elephant in the room of any sexual conversation and the factor that leaves many men feeling less than equip for a stellar sexual performance. People around the world can't seem to determine if penis size is enough to pleasure a woman or if it is the stroke of the penis that matters more. Well, if you are a man (or a woman) that has been wondering what the answer to this question is, I'm here to tell you that both penis size and how the owner of the penis strokes both matter and I will explain why. We can't fight anatomy For every vagina there is a penis that fi ts it, and when a vagina meets a penis that doesn't quite measure up the owner of said penis must know how to put a woman in the right positions to accommodate for a lack of or an overabundance of size. After being put into the right position, the stroke that follows is just as important. Whether your penis is too big for the vagina you&