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Using Death Grip When Masturbating? Here is how to Overcome it.

"Death grip?" is a widespread masturbation practice amongst men, far and wide. And not only widespread, but dangerous. Not in the life-threatening sense, but in the can-mess-with-your-life-and-be-super-annoying sense. It refers to men that masturbate with an overly tight grip on their penises—or in any fashion that applies a LOT of pressure, like humping a mattress—who later go on to have difficulty feeling much during partner sex. It can also lead to an inability to orgasm and issues maintaining erections. This means you might be gripping your penis with your hand so tightly, that having sex with a partner (intercourse, oral, etc.) can feel unexciting or under-stimulating for you. Let’s be real, a vagina or mouth is never going to be as tight as a hand. This is just science. When your penis isn’t feeling sensation (or very little), it can be a pretty terrifying thing—especially if you have no idea what’s going on. One day you’re getting off to your favorite hardcore porn, an

WTF?? Your Semen Acts As An Anti-depressant to Your Woman???

DISCLAIMER: this study in no way advocating that people abstain from the use of condoms. Using condoms is the second most effective way to prevent the spread of STIs (the first is Abstinence)*** When I read an article about a study that scientists at the State University of New York performed, I couldn't help but think WTF (pun intended)??? According to the study, women whose vaginas came into direct contact with semen were less depressed than those who used condoms regularly. Scientists accredit the anti-depressant quality of semen to several mood-altering hormones that are present within the fluid, and have even found these hormones to be present within the bloodstream of women who came into direct contact with semen hours after the exposure. The study also showed that women who never or seldom used condoms became more depressed as the length of time between sexual encounters stretched.  I found this article to be interesting because, in my mind, it sort of made sense of the coun