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Using Super Sets of Nine Trick for Ejaculation Control

Since guys really screw with their brains and not their penises, the more you divert your attention from what is going on in your delivery system down below, the less likely you will ejaculate prematurely. Thus, one way to delay orgasm is to count every thrust inward, and focus your attention on the counting and not what your penis is feeling. Try to reach 100, and then start over again. Some men recommend stopping thrusting altogether when you sense you’re close to a climax. But I don’t advice doing this, for a simple reason. While stopping penetration can help bring down your arousal, when your woman is clearly enjoying the intercourse, it can really break the momentum and frustrate her instead. What I suggest is this simple penetration technique that can yield tremendous staying power for you, and yet put her on a continuous sexual high at the same time. This is what you do… Perform eight shallow thrusts about two to three inches deep, and then one deep thrust. Follow this up with s