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1. The Art of Kissing - An Illustrated Step by Step Guide Into Kissing Techniques 


There is more to kissing than simply locking lips. This book will help you to master the secrets of great kissing. With specific techniques for all types of kisses, this book features:

-  Overcoming first kiss shyness

- Secrets to increasing your 'kissability'

- Complete instructions on French Kissing

This guide reveals everything you need to know to master the art of kissing. If you're new to kissing, your partner will never guess it once you have the benefit of all this guide has to teach. Transform your kissing technique, pucker up with passion, and master The Art of Kissing today!

2. Foreplay Done Right; Getting Her Horny & Bothered


Guys are often guilty of skipping foreplay altogether, instead going straight to sex without worming her up first. With tips and tricks specifically designed to stimulate her sexually. Learn to put a woman in the mood so she can ache to be penetrated. Foreplay is one thing a woman can’t get enough of. Women are emotional creatures, and that’s why they like, enjoy, and need foreplay. So give her what she wants, and she sure will shock you with how well she responds and actively participate during sex.

3. Female Orgasm 101; Preparation, Building & Delivering it


This manual is a plain-and-simple, instructional guide on how to give women orgasms. This Book is something that you can refer to time and time again. The information is intended to help women achieve orgasms and have a more fulfilling sexual relationship. It contains details of female orgasms, along with the overall “system” or “strategy” you’ll employ. Also included are techniques to illustrate what needs to be done, and when.

It can be looked at as the “toolbox” of techniques. You’ll find a variety of different sexual techniques you can use to “plug-and-play” into the overall system of making a woman achieve an orgasm. In this book are the keys needed to open the doors for a woman’s sexual fulfillment ready to be given to as many lovers as those who desire to possess them.

OK, enough talk… now open the book and let’s get down to business!

4. Alpha Male Style; Assertively Sexually Satisfying Her in Bed


This book will show how to do that which women want in bed. It's a fact that more and more women long to be sexually dominated. They want alpha males, assertive and strong, taking charge of their nocturnal activities. The thing that really throws a lot of guys for a loop is that, a lot of times she wants to be “bent over and fucked hard”, without the tenderness, extended foreplay, or romance. Most men don’t sense those times when she wants to bypass “making love” and get straight to “fucking.” But, just because she wants you to be more assertive in the bedroom does not mean she thinks you’re a girly-man; nor does it mean she wants you to beat her.

This book has absolutely nothing to do with how you relate to each other on a day-to-day basis. This is a guide to assertively please your woman in bed. Outside of bed she may want to be treated with tenderness though!

5. Female Pleasure 50 Creative Naughty Sex Moves to Thrill Her


Is female sexual arousal different from male sexual arousal? Do these differences matter? Why do women say no to sexual intimacy? What factors increase or decrease female sexual arousal? 

In this fun-to-read, empowering book about the many angles of female arousal and pleasure, the author, delves into the secrets of a woman’s anatomy and satisfaction, and offers entertaining, but knowledgeable, answers to questions every man wonders about. This refreshing book explains what to do, where and how to do it.

NB: Some of the techniques within this book are sexually and emotionally powerful. Although these techniques and activities can have dramatically positive effects on the emotional well-being of individuals involved, people in short term relationships should generally apply these techniques with caution

6. Backdoor; An Illustrated Guide into Safe Anal Play



Anal sex doesn’t have to be scary or painful and this book teaches you how to make it safer, more comfortable, and more pleasurable. Learn about the fun you can have beyond intercourse. This book covers everything newbies need to know and will guide you on communicating your needs to your partner to make your adventures into butt play as fun and safe as possible!

An absolute beginner  will learn to explore this nerve-rich part of the body, either alone or with a partner of any gender. Anal sex enthusiasts may need no encouragement, but the book provide reliable, easy-to-understand information on safety, preparation, hygiene, and much more. 

A fast comprehensive read to make your anal sex experience more enjoyable.

7. Sexually Owning Her; From Seduction, Foreplay, Peak Arousal to Penetration Techniques


The knowledge here will take your sexual encounters - be it with your wife, girlfriend, or just a random hookup - to the next level, and make it so that she can't help but beg for more, time after time.

You will learn that females conceptualize sex differently from men - and how you can take advantage of it

Wouldn't it be nice to become "that guy" that your woman talk about? To know that you have just given her an experience she will never forget, and never feel insecure about your performance again? Read this book to decode the female body and be the beast in bed that you know she wants. All within your reach! Download this copy today!

8. Cunnilingus 101; An Illustrated Guide into Eating Pussy Like a Savage


This book is written for for anyone who want to know step-by-step how to give a woman exquisite oral pleasure with a deft tongue. It also gives excellent advice, encouragement, and helpful instruction to those who want to expand their expertise or are simply curious about the art’s finer points. This is the best guide which provides step-by-step instructions for going down on a woman, as well as accurate and up-to-date information on female sexual response.

Do you know the right way to place your first lick? The first lick sets the tone for the entire session due to a psychological principle called the “Primacy effect”

So what what are we waiting for? Lets Dive in!

9. Thrusting Into her Pussy | Switching Penis Angle of Entry, Stroke, Rhythm & Positioning


Want to have her so filled with pleasure that she exclaims “Wow!—where did you learn how to do that?” Great! You’re in the right place.

There is an art to making love, and just like the variety of paint strokes a painter uses to create a beautiful piece of art, a varied stroke technique is needed to truly create a beautiful and satisfying sexual experience when in the bedroom.

Any man can pump like a jack rabbit and achieve his orgasm quickly, but to put the pleasure of your partner first and sincerely savor every moment of being inside of her and connecting on an energy level separates the truly skilled from the animalistic.

Believe it or not there is an art to penetrating your woman and the way you thrust in and out of her pussy. Sure, she may like it hard and fast at some points during sex, but chances are she’s going to enjoy it more if you vary your thrusts a bit.

This book is going to shed light on some very mysterious places, and by the end of it you won’t believe how a little knowledge can change your sex life in ways you (and she) never imagined

10. Female Ejaculation; Unleash the Ultimate G-Spot Orgasm


If you want to learn the art of getting a girl to squirt on your cock you’ve come to the perfect place! In this guide, I will teach you exactly how to give her a squirting orgasm whilst your dick is inside her…

Even if she is a nervous newbie or a seasoned squirter.

Here, you’ll learn my most POWERFUL tips and techniques that are so effective that they’ll make you think she has a Super Soaker between her legs! Best of all, you’ll be able to put into practice what you learn TONIGHT and see some amazing results!

Few sexual practices are as hotly debated as squirting. Not every girl knows how to squirt and some people don’t even believe that it’s possible.

My goal for this guide is to help you unravel the mysteries of squirting and teach you precisely how you can make a girl squirt on your cock during lovemaking! The step-by-step instructions in this guide couldn’t be simpler to follow and I promise you’ll experience earth-shattering results, no matter how experienced you are.

Before we get started, a quick warning: making a girl squirt on your cock during sex will help her orgasm like never before. She may become INFATUATED with you, even if you’re just casually dating. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

11. Size Doesn’t Matter – Get Her Off No Matter what!


Here's the thing about your penis: "Just right" doesn't exist — but ask yourself: if fingers, lips, and tongue can give earth-shaking pleasure to a woman, how is it possible the much larger four-inch  or more penis can’t?

This guide will show you how to learn your size, but more importantly to  learn what to do with that size. A dude with a small dick and an amazing sex game can rock someone's world while a big dick just whaling away on every orifice it can find will just lead to disappointment for everybody involved. Sex is much more than just putting your penis inside of a warm, moist, flesh hole. Have fun, make your partner smile and laugh and moan and cum all over the place.

So, if your erect penis is at least four inches long and fatter than a tampon, you have nothing to worry about.  Get this quick guide  and learn how to use what you’ve got!

12. Take Me Right Here; Making Your Woman Do Anything in Bed


Here are simple sex rules that can be learned and understood. And used in real sex life. When you learn these rules, you will know what to do with your woman – in any situation. Even when she resists and say no to you. Follow these rules and everything will work out as you want her to.

This book will Teach you how to make women do anything in bed. Or to be more precise, teach you to increase your girl’s arousal, so she’ll happily go along with everything you want to do in bed. 

The techniques in this book work with all heterosexual women. For practical reasons, ‘your girl’ is the term used to represent women. Depending on your lifestyle, ‘your girl’ can be substituted with ‘your girlfriend’, ‘your wife’, ‘your fuck buddy’, ‘your one-night stand’ or ‘your prostitute’.

In other words, the type of relationship with a woman isn’t important. The rules of sex will always work. 

13. The Male Virgin; An Illustrated Guide For First time Sex with a Woman


If you are a guy and sexually inexperienced, don’t face your initial sexual encounters with uneasiness. A little bit of knowledge will help these encounters to be even more joyous. This guide spells out the basics, frankly yet tastefully. As well as giving you all you need to know about how to make the encounters memorable, safe, and rewarding, this book provides a modern, 360-degree view tips and techniques in a easy to remember step by step illustrations. There are a few basics you should take into account before stripping your clothes off.

14. Eating Pussy Guide; Oral Sex Positions for Pleasuring a Woman


So few men are skilled at eating pussy, that even just reading a few pages of this book will literally put you in the top 1% of cunnilingus masters. Eating a woman's pussy is one of the greatest sexual acts you can perform. It is at the same time intimate and incredibly sexual. You are literally making out with her pussy. At the same time that your head is buried between her thighs, you can feel the subtle convulsions of her body, her breath deepen and shorten and you can feel the arching of her back as she actually works with you to heighten her own arousal. If you do it right, the experience is intense, unforgettable and at times - explosive.

However, eating a woman's pussy is not something that they ever taught you in school. It is, although, a skill that every man should have. This teaches you how to do it right. Now let’s gets down to eating pussy and chowing box.

15. Fingering Her; Explicitly Illustrated Techniques to do it Right


In this book, I’m going to reveal to you, all the techniques and moves for fingering a pussy. You might wonder if that is even necessary. After all, you’ve got a penis – isn’t that enough to completely satisfy her in bed?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but no, it isn’t. 75% of women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone – that means you should realize the need to augment your arsenal of fingering sex tricks and techniques.

Just imagine…she’s dripping wet, bending her body and moaning, begging you to stop teasing her and start fucking her. She’s so turned on that she can’t even finish sentences. You’re in complete control and can bring her endless pleasure or take it away, just by a flick of your finger.

16. Powerful Male Multi-Orgasm Masturbation Techniques


Do you want to learn how to masturbate to a  state of blissful pleasure that is far more lasting and intense than anything you have experienced masturbating the ordinary way? This is the only masturbation program that will help you sharpen and polish your sexual skills and stamina. Not only will you become more confident in the bedroom but it will also allow you to give your partner clearer directions on what you need to get truly satisfied.

You can improve your sexual enduring power by practice. This masturbation system can be an important tool in “training” you on how to last longer in bed. You will naturally increase your sexual stamina by learning to increase time before ejaculation in these masturbatory sessions. The more you masturbate, the more control you get over the timing of your ejaculation

17. Crack Her Code; The Art and Craft of Sexually Driving Her Wild In Bed


This is a multi-dimensional sex education book that helps men become “Sex Gods” and even more importantly, helps them develop and maintain lasting and loving partnerships with their women. It reveals how to make her: get the most powerful orgasms of her life at the same time tells you why penis size is irrelevant

Starting with why stimulating her mind is essential before stimulating her body and finally where, when, and how to spank to push her into orgasm being a real man in her eyes This is the next step in man’s evolution to sexual and relational expertise

18. Vagina Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Her with Your Hands


Now my friends what you have before your eyes is a master class in the art of mastering your woman. Unfortunately, many men do not learn the true principles of women sexuality at the outset and so, even with the best of intentions, their form is without substance. That’s a shame, because mastering her is the most effective way to bring a woman to orgasm. It can also be one of the most pleasurable acts—for both of you.

This book will make you be able to convert a woman’s movement and internal force into stimulation and stability. Worst case scenario, rubbing  pussy for some time. Even with no healing or revelations or orgasms that’s bound to be a good time for both of you .

Ready to bring more pleasure to your bedroom?

19. Perfect Pace; Secret Taoist Penis Thrusting Technique that Gives Women Orgasms


Frustrated women are typically afraid to ask for what they want in bed. Others don’t even know what they want, they just know what they’re getting isn’t it. So they suffer in silence to protect their partner’s ego.

But………this technique was created by the Taoists. And if you’ve heard anything about their sex techniques for men, they revolve around semen retention and arousal management. That’s why this works so well. The man is controlling his arousal and in turn controlling when he climaxes — making for some extended lovemaking.

20. Ultimate Sexual Stamina Program | The Blueprint to Mastering Male Ejaculation Control


This program is designed to help men overcome sexual dysfunctions and regain their sexual confidence. It offers strategies and techniques to re-train your mind and body in order to have longer-lasting sex, while increasing your partner’s pleasure.

Everything is explained here in clear, concise and easy-to-understand instructions. The insights, tools and techniques in this program have been rigorously tried, tested and proven effective by thousands of other men who are now enjoying lovemaking that lasts so much longer than before.

This will also give you some instant “firepower” that you can use tonight! Reveled are the tried-and-tested tactics you can use right away to put up a respectable performance in bed, and send her into a sexual frenzy! ๐Ÿ™‚


1. Guide for Women; How To Orgasm Every Time


Nothing feels more wonderful than having an orgasm. That’s why this guide was I created every girl should learn how to have intense orgasms, whether they are clitoral and vaginal orgasms, two types of orgasm that women commonly report having. And whether you are alone or with your man.

This straight-forward guide can  help you explore sexual skills mainly orgasm.

From inexperienced girls to postmenopausal women, this easy step-by-step process will show you how to develop and refine your pleasure that will gradually enable you to build higher levels of sexual excitement. You will learn to enjoy fuller orgasms more consistently or discover how to have your first orgasm. Just remember, each orgasm is good for your health.

Let’s jump in…

2. I am not a Starfish: A Female Step by Step Guide to Actively Participate During Sex


Finally here are the simplified steps to enchant and surprise your man in bed, completely driving him wild. I am going to teach you exactly how to talk dirty to your man so that you can build sexual tension, keep him deeply attracted to you. Remember dependence on male thrusting alone to reach the heights of erotic glory is like trying to win a foot race on one leg. This guide will show you how the penis can be fondled, caressed, griped, massaged, milked, licked, inundated and rippled as a whole or in sections using only the vagina

3. Penis Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Him with Your Hands


This book is ideal for the mere pleasure of finally making his penis happy without penetration or where penetration is not possible. It gives you core essential techniques to get your man excited, I don’t think that ANY MAN would be able to resist the pleasures that this type of approach triggers. These techniques are so powerful and so unknown by the vast majority out there. 

So many men are frustrated because they feel their partner under performs in the bedroom, they want THIS but have no idea how to ask for it. If you are a guy and long to get your lady to be more erotically creative and develop these skills to please you WAY better, this is it. If you are a woman and your partner struggles with performance anxiety and ejaculates too fast, this will give you a new edge in your sex life that you will love and remember.

4. Affectionate sex positions Over 100 Illustrated


Affectionate sex positions Over 100 Illustrated Instructs readers on how to bring their partners to high levels of arousal, mutually satisfying each other. It is the perfect manual for couples looking for new ideas to vary and expand their sexual repertoire. Illustrated with tasteful, erotic photography and showing how to use specific sexual techniques, positions, styles and tips to boost love making this is the ideal book for lovers.

5. Tease Ride Please; Sexually Satisfying Him


This book is a profound contribution to the entire spectrum of lovemaking that yields a new erotic universe. Dependence on male thrusting alone to reach the heights of erotic glory is like trying to win a foot race on one leg. 

Did you know that the penis can be fondled, caressed, griped, massaged, milked, licked, inundated and rippled as a whole or in sections using only the vagina?

Far from being an exotic tricks, knowing your sexual skills is the female counterpart to males thrusting ability. Men are born with penises but a certain amount of practice is usually needed to move a penis with real finesse. Likewise, women can train themselves to be sexually unforgettable in bed.

Let’s go!!!

6. Simmering Sexual Tension to Make Him Crave You More in Bed


Unpredictable, uncontrollable and unbelievably hot! This is a surefire way to turn up the heat in your relationship. It is packed with steamy tips and tricks for building the ultimate sexual tension with your man making him always passionately think about YOU. 

This book has timeless advice that can be used by anyone at any stage of their relationship. Sure you’ll discover exhilarating new ways to have a blast in your sex life and  it will teach you how to make your partner anticipate whatever comes next

7. Goddess of Sex; Sexually Driving Your Man Crazy


This book will hold nothing back, so strap yourself in — it's going to be a bumpy and grindy ride. And if you're not in a relationship right now, bookmark this page because you'll want to come back to it when you meet someone special.

Obviously, you know how to make your partner feel good in the bedroom. But if you’re trying to mix things up a deliver a surprise to your partner you got the right book in your hands. Of course, if there is something you find pleasant, there is no reason why you should eliminate it, but, why not try new techniques? You will discover other types of pleasures, more satisfactory. You don't need to change your sexual habits completely either; just making slight changes that could liven up your desire would be enough, and that way also surprise your partner. There are thousands of strategies that can be introduced in bed, without having to change your usual ways completely.

8. Blowjob Done Right; Pleasing Your Man with Oral Sex


No sex technique says “I love you” quite the way that a blowjob does.

Some people love performing blowjobs, and some don’t. Many who don’t are not confident of their skills. In some cases, they’ve been with a lover (or lovers) who didn’t respond to their oral ministrations. Giving blowjobs is a learned skill; and you can learn it. I will show you how to take your partner someplace they have maybe never been before.

You will get so much from performing a blowjob on him, including:

• Increased sexual confidence

• Greater sense of your feminine power

• And my promise to both you and your lover is this: the relationship will feel new and exciting again.

What compares to the warmth of your breath, the wet sucking of your mouth, the firmness of your tongue?



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Cunnilingus 101; An Illustrated Guide into Eating Pussy Like a Savage

Thrusting Into her Pussy | Switching Penis Angle of Entry, Stroke, Rhythm & Positioning