How to Properly & Confidently Ride Your Man in Bed


Are you in bed/somewhere where you’re starting to get frisky? Great. Start with touch. Run your fingers through his hair. Move your hands over his chest. Kiss his neck, shoulders, arms, and back. Wake up his flesh with your lips and fingers.

Use your arms in your best interest

There are so many things you can do with your arms when you are on top of your partner. You can use your arms to support your body and make riding easier. This goes for both variations of the cowgirl position. If you decide to lean on his body and grind on his manhood, you can use your hands to caress his face, neck, and the side of his body.

Otherwise, you could just focus on yourself. Give your partner a sexy show by playing with your breasts or even stimulating your clit while facing him. Or, if you want to master the art of how to do reverse cowgirl, you could fondle his testicles as you move up and down his penis.

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Choose the most pleasurable penetration angle

If you lean up in cowgirl style, your lover’s penis might be too much to take in, so a shallow penetration is recommended. Conversely, if you choose reverse cowgirl, leaning back might feel more anatomically correct and would facilitate grinding more than riding. However, in case you’d like to stimulate your boyfriend visually, then make sure your bottom is twerking in his face.

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Enjoy being in charge

One of the best pieces of advice on how to cowgirl like a pro, as well as to do its reverse version, is to remember that you are in charge. Perhaps you are used to being dominated by men. However, this shouldn’t take the pleasure out of being on top.

When you straddle your lover and take his erect shaft inside you, you can control how deep it goes in, how fast you want it, and whether or not to add extra stimulation for you or your man. You decide when to stop and how soft or hard to continue. In addition, by being on top, you can control your partner’s orgasm by stopping when he is about to reach a climax.

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Try not to get tired too soon

Woman on top is a sexual position that burns lots of calories. While that might sound exciting, it’s not while you’re at it. If you go too fast from the start and don’t take breaks, you might get tired too soon. That’s why you should use your energy wisely. In this regard, you could take turns with your partner. Allow him to penetrate you while you’re just supporting your body.

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Relax and have fun

No tip on how to do reverse cowgirl is helpful if you are tense. Being on top is an empowering position, and it’s not one that reveals your flaws. It is indeed a revealing position, but the type that only arouses your partner and stimulates him more, visually speaking. So, leave all your insecurities behind, relax, and have fun experimenting with something new!

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