How To Suck A Big Dick

We have all been there, you unzip his pants and find a ginormous dick and you have absolutely no idea what to do with it and least of all how to suck it. Having a big penis to play with can be great but it can also be a nightmare if you aren’t sure what to do and how to give it the best kind of pleasure.

You see, in my experience, I have found that sucking a small dick and sucking a big dick both have different techniques and both require different attention. You can read my advice on how to suck a small dick here.

How To Suck His Cock Like No Other

Be confident, Be sexual, be provocative, be a master and if you can’t? Just fake it until you make it. I have learned over the years that the majority of men LOVE a woman  that’s confident in the sheets, even if you’re fake confident and actually have no idea what you’re doing but you look like you do, it’s a massive turn on.

When you have a big dick in front of you, take it with your hand, use some lube and start by playing with the tip of the penis with your tongue. Take your tongue and let it linger around the tip, make swirling motions with your tongue and gently use your lips to take the head into your mouth.

When it comes to sucking any kind of dick, especially a big dick it’s important to tease. Teasing your partner is not just a turn on but it does things to your body that makes you inflamed with desire.

Gently take your tongue and run it along his shaft and make sure to miss the tip of his penis, it will drive him wild.

Even if you’re unsure, if he’s moaning, you’re doing it right. Just be confident, shut your eyes and imagine what would feel good.

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Never Do This In A Blowjob:

Use your teeth

Kiss his pubes

Lick his butt without consent

Put your fingers in his butt without a subtle approval or nod

Never bite down

Swallow unless you really want too, it doesn’t make the blowjob any better and it’s really not necessary.

Suck Him Like You Own Him

Enthusiasm is key. Mixing enthusiasm with ‘fake’ confidence and you have yourself the perfect mix. It’s enough to drive anyone wild and if you’re actively up for sucking his dick and showing how much you enjoy it, you will be driving him wild just talking about it, trust me.

Something to do to make yourself more confident is turn off all of the lights and have your partner wear a blindfold and that allows you to just let go of any confidence issues. Even if you are trying something new or I really want to let loose do turn the lights off and maybe light a candle as it allows you to really let go and give it your all.

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It’s A Challenge To Deep Throat A Big Penis

OK if you’re confident enough and are up for the challenge try your hand at deep throating, talk to your partner and see how far you can go.

However, deep throating can be a daunting task when someone has a big dick. Speak to your partner beforehand and ask them not to push your head when you’re down there, it can make you instantly gag, especially if you have a sensitive gag reflex and also unless you know it’s coming, it’s not a nice sensation when the guy has a big penis.

You can also make sure you have lots of saliva on his penis to mimic the sensations of a pussy, pair this with some of this flavored lube and it will feel amazing for him and taste amazing for you. Go down on him, get to the point you feel comfortable with, and allow saliva to awash his penis, trust me on this one.

Deep-throating isn’t the endgame, going as deep as you can does not mean the best and greatest blowjob and you and your partner should both be aware of that. If you don’t enjoy it, let your partner know and ask him what else feels good and focus on that.

Deep-throating feels good to start and end with, don’t just focus on taking it as deep as you can, focus on the tip, the shaft and the balls too.

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Suck The Tip Of His Penis (Real Talk)

Porn would LOVE you to believe that deep-throating is the way to a man’s heart but its nowhere near as stimulating as giving good head. Literally.

Stimulating the tip of his penis is like sucking on your clitoris. If you can perfect this technique then you can become a professional in your own right at sucking dick.

Stimulate his penis with your tongue, plenty of salivae and even some flavored lube if you have it to hand. Watch his face and see what he responds best too and even ask him what would feel good, each man is different (just like women and their clits!) but there are simple rules you can follow to give him the best blowjob of his life despite the size of his penis.

Swirl your tongue in circular motions around the head of his penis

Lick up and down his shaft focusing on gently pressing the head with your tongue

Let the head of his penis ‘pop’ in and out of your mouth and use your tongue to stimulate

Place both of your hands on the shaft of his penis and take his penis in your mouth and practice in rhythm with your hands.

Actually asking your partner what he likes or what he thinks he will like is a huge turn on and it actually allows you to give the best blowjob, it shows enthusiasm on your end and it means he will get the best oral sex ever.

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Practice Makes Perfect

You may not be the best at sucking big dick when you first try it but practicing will make you better at it and speaking to your partner or the person you’re hooking up with will help you.

You can also practice on large objects if you have a dildo or even a large enough penis-shaped object to hand practice taking that into your mouth and do all of your best moves. Take yourself out of the moment and just imagine what would feel good for you and practice those moves.

This tip works best if you are already in a relationship, firstly he gets lots of blowjobs and you learn exactly what he likes.

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The Gag Reflex Magic Trick

I have known this one for years and I am surprised that more women and men don’t know about it. It’s an incredibly sneaky and effective way to suppress your gag reflex.

Take your thumb and wrap it under your index finger, it should now be resting on your middle finger, squeeze down with your index finger and now test your gag reflex with your right hand and you should notice your gag reflex has gone or has been suppressed.

I don’t know how this works and if you do please let me know in the comments but it does work and really helps you to get as deep as possible on the dick.

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Use Your Hands While Sucking

Although I disagree with it if your partner has a bad habit of pushing your head down his shaft when he gets too carried away and activating your gag reflex, something you can do is use your hands. Firstly, it feels great to mix your hands and mouth when sucking dick but it also stops your mouth going any further than you want it too.

By using your hands it also means you can focus on the tip of the penis whilst your hands do all of the hard work, make sure you use lots of saliva and lube to make it as slippery as possible.

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Use plenty of lube and saliva and work in rhythm, you may also find that with enough practice you can go further down the shaft that you could previously as you practice and work with your gag reflex.

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No sex technique says “I love you” quite the way that a blowjob does. You will get so much from performing a blowjob on him, including:

• Increased sexual confidence

• Greater sense of your feminine power

• And my promise to both you and your lover is this: the relationship will feel new and exciting again.

What compares to the warmth of your breath, the wet sucking of your mouth, the firmness of your tongue?


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