Pillow talk: 10 Sexy Sweet-Nothings to Whisper to Your Man in Bed

Admit it: nothing is sexier than bed talk. It is the ultimate tease. When you get hot and heavy in bed, nothing puts you in the mood more than sensual talk. Naked bodies between silken sheets. Smoldering gazes and sensuous statements. It doesn’t get more seductive than that.

A touch is electric, but sensuous words flow like water. And arousal is more than just touching each other. Words are a powerful tool that can make your partner grow mad with desire. They can ease your inhibitions and reservations. The art of sexy talk is guaranteed to turn even the most conservative partner into a naughty vixen. When you whisper words of desire, you can be assured that your partner will be left aching for more.

Bedroom talk need not be embarrassing

Many people find bedroom talk to be rather embarrassing. There are a good number of women who are turned on by *normally* derogatory words, like “slut” and “whore.” Many of these women are too ashamed to admit it. But there is a certain thrill in hearing your lover use “bad words.” You get a certain high when the word “f*ck” is used repeatedly and ecstatically.

Effective bedroom talk means bringing yourself out of your comfort zone and expressing your desire. It means unleashing your inner sex goddess and surprising your partner. When used effectively, you and your partner can experience mind-blowing sex.

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Intimacy and nakedness

When it comes to sex, everyone wants different things. Sex is a very intimate act. The sexual act itself is more than just a shedding of clothes. It means being laid bare and exposing vulnerabilities. It means sharing your desires with your partner. It is, ultimately, a melding of souls and meeting of hearts.

When you want to experience a whole new level of pleasure in the bedroom, you must get in touch with your own desires. Exploring your desires should not be viewed as a sinful act, but a sensual one. Being fully aware of your desires is the best way to have better and hotter sex. While these sensual words are guaranteed to make your cheeks flush, saying these sensuous words will add fire to the passions in the bedroom.

#1 “I’m yours.” 

While undressing, let your partner’s hands wander over different areas of your body. Allow them the privilege of touching your intimate areas. If you must, guide their hands toward those areas. Allow them to caress your breasts, feel the nape of your neck, and dip into the intimate area between your thighs.

When you feel their touch in those areas, whisper in their ear, “I’m yours.” Saying these words will give your significant other a sense of ownership. It is an intimate act—a giving of your body and being.

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#2 “Kiss me.” 

During sex, kisses can get hot and heavy. It will only make the moment more intimate when you tell your partner how hungry you are for his kisses. This will certainly put you in control of the situation and will leave little to no room for error.

#3 “That feels good.” 

In a relationship, communication is crucial in keeping intimacy alive. When having sex, it is best to communicate with your partner as to what feels good. Every touch, caress, and kiss is electric energy coursing through your skin. When your partner is touching you, say “That feels good.” It will send shivers down your partner’s spine as you draw him in closer, toward an intimate kiss.

#4 “It is you I want.” 

Just the affirmation to your partner that you want him as much as he wants you is enough to get him hot. Since they say that female arousal is more subtle than male arousal, a great number of men consider it to be quite a turn-on when their partner expresses their want and desire for them.

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#5 “Oh, God!” 

Hearing a woman say these words indicates that she is in a state of indescribable bliss. There is just something erotic when a woman utters these words. It is enough to drive a man crazy. Use these words during a particularly intense moment.

#6 “I love your big, strong arms.” 

While men don’t want to admit it, they love receiving physical compliments, too. It would be such a boost to his ego to receive a compliment from his partner, and can be quite the aphrodisiac. 

#7 “I want you to touch me here.” 

It is essential that you express your desires to your partner so he knows where you want to be touched. Knowing where to be touched and pleasured is pure intimacy. Guide your partner’s hands toward the areas where you want to be touched, and make him feel that you are most pleasured when he touches you. Savor each intimate touch and bathe in the sensual pleasure of each caress. When you partner touches you, do not be afraid to let out a moan. Be sure to return the favor later.

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#8 “I want this.”

The sexual act begins with undressing. When undressing your partner, it is best to do it in a dimly-lit room. When fully unclothed, look into your partner’s eyes and maintain a level of communication with him. Maintain how you want to be pleasured, and when you want to be pleasured. Should you wish to take the lead, tell him that you want to do so. The very image of you wanting to take the lead is enough to make your partner weak at the knees. 

If you want to be on top, climb on top of your partner and let him enjoy the view. For men, watching a woman take the lead and going on top is perhaps one of the sexiest and raunchiest images that comes to mind, because it means watching a woman be free of her inhibitions and take control of her pleasure. When doing so, make sure to give your partner a pleasurable view. Find a rhythm that works for both you and your partner. This will send waves of pleasure that will delight you both. You certainly won’t regret it.

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#9 “I came.” 

During intimate acts like kissing and having sex, people usually keep their eyes closed. They say opening your eyes during sex is a sign of opening yourself to vulnerabilities. Thus: holding your gaze toward your partner when having sex is a very intimate act. When you feel that you are about to reach your peak, communicate this to your partner.

Your body will contract and your partner will certainly feel that you are about to reach your peak. During this time, sex will be hotter, and when you have reached your climax, wrap your partner in an intimate embrace. Look into your partner’s eyes as you lie down beside each other, and whisper “I came.” Your partner will certainly feel a mixture of pride and pleasure.

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#10 “I love making love to you.” 

Lying side-by-side post-sex reinforces your chemistry and allows you to bond as a couple. It will make your partner feel even more satisfied, knowing that his lady love felt incredible after having sex with him. It gives you both a sense of closeness and intimacy as you lie skin against skin.

Intimacy is important if you want to keep the flame of passion in the relationship burning. There is nothing wrong with a little sexy bedroom talk to keep the fire of passion alive and well. Human beings are drawn to the senses, so touch and words will always play a crucial role in foreplay.

Never underestimate the power of words in bed, because they have in them a certain form of magic that nothing else can convey.

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