How To Take A Big Cock (My Big Dick Warm-Up Guide)

Getting yourself warmed up and ready to take something huge inside of you isn’t as easy as it may seem. It’s really important to make sure you’re ready ‘down there’, lots of foreplay, lubrication, and stretching is a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury, discomfort, and pain. I am here, Jess, your friend, the queen of size play to share with you the slut girl secrets to taking a big cock or sex toy, so listen up and take note.

Talking about sex resources? I mean, I’d never say the words, “this is the big deal” but…..

The Truth About Taking Big Cock

I’m a size queen and I love the feeling of being stretched out, however, that doesn’t mean I can take a big cock without warming up and every time I have, it’s not been a good experience, usually quite uncomfortable and never as satisfying as when I take a small amount of time to warm myself up.

I decided to write this guide for any person who is either scared of taking their partner’s cock due to size or is looking for more comfortable ways to accommodate a bigger man or sex toy.

I am going to teach you tips on warming up both for long intercourse and what I do when I just want a quickie and my advice should set you up pretty well. This guide isn’t about making a big dick bearable, it’s about making it something you crave and enjoy without any discomfort or pain (PSA: Sex should never hurt!).

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How To Take Big A Big Dick

Learning how to take a big dick properly will make sex so much better and more enjoyable for both of you. It’s something you have to work on but eventually, you will be able to take big dick and toys like a pro. I always start with these two big dick warm-ups below depending on what I am planning on doing.

Taking The Fear Away (Practice On Your Own)

The first time I was with a hung guy, I was nervous and a little scared about how it would feel. I was lucky, he spent ages on foreplay and we had a lot of chemistry so my body opened up for him. But I could have got rid of a lot of that fear by using an above-average vibrator/dildo.

It’s always good to learn your body and what you like with solo play, that gives you time to learn your right amount of arousal for the size, and you can try different positions and learn what works for you and your body.

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Big Dick Warm Up

Your vagina is made to stretch and if you warm up right taking even a ridiculously hung guy becomes fun. Here are the two types of ways I get ready to take large things inside of me:

Solo Warm Up

It’s way better to start on your own, learn your body and work out what works best for you, then you can take that to the real thing, however, even if you’re already having sex, the solo warm-up can help you get used to size and make the real thing a lot easier, I sometimes even do this solo warm-up before meeting him, that way we can do what we like during foreplay without me having to worry that my pussy isn’t ready.

Solo-warm-up is integral if you are waiting for a big dick appointment or you are about to use a monster sex toy.

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Arouse your clit: Use your hand, a vibrator, a womanizer, anything that works for you, just get turned on and in the mood.

Lube Up: You may be wet enough, if not grab some lube!

Start stimulating your g-spot: Use your finger to stroke and massage your g-spot, you can even add a g-spot vibrator, you will notice after a few minutes that you start relaxing down there and untightening. Your G-spot is located inside of your vagina (bend your two fingers into ‘bunny ears’) and is what can make you cum through penetration.

Dildo time: If you have a dildo, now is the time to use it, go slow, shallow, and rub up against your g-spot with every thrust and then slowly get deeper. I use a smaller dildo to start and work my way up to something bigger. You’re just trying to tease and milk your g-spot to warm yourself up for bigger things to come!

Try Different Sizes: Different large dildo lengths and thicknesses will help you get used to it all and loosens all of the muscles up in your vagina.

Talking about sex resources? I mean, I’d never say the words, “this is the big deal” but…..

Couple Warm Up

As a couple foreplay should come naturally to you, it’s something you should do a lot but when preparing for large adult toys or a big dick, you will want to follow these steps to make sure the vagina is stretched and ready for intercourse and penetration.

Magical Foreplay: Use sex toys, vibrators, mouths, hands, tongues, whatever gets you off, remember foreplay isn’t just about the vagina, you have lots of erogenous zones such as the nipples, neck, thighs, butt, etc.

The Insertion Trick: Insertion, you want something inside you before he is, it can be a finger, a dildo, a love egg, even a vibrator, just something to warm you up. This relaxes the muscles and loosens you up.

Orgasm: The more aroused you are the better it will feel, if you have had an amazing orgasm with lots of rubbing, sucking, and stroking on your clit and some beautiful g-spot stimulation you will find he just slips in and it feels amazing.

The Time Has Come: Pick the right position, communicate the speed you want him to go, don’t ram the whole thing in at once, inch bit by bit, taking more with every thrust.

Thrusting Must-Do’s: Make sure you do slow thrusts while you inch in, you want to get to the point you’re begging for him to go deeper and not asking him to stop. Sometimes you won’t be able to fit the whole lot inside of yourself and you need to be able to communicate and find your limits. Keep practicing and warming yourself up more each time, don’t go further than you can.

Lube Up Breaks: Have the lube right next to you and without stopping just add a little more, too much is better than not enough. Lube eases objects and will help prevent any injury.

Breathe: Breathing is really important. Tensing up your airways with short shallow breaths is going to make it harder for insertion. You want long, deep breaths and to just relax mentally and physically.

This SEX GUIDE collection is a truly **certified Gold **

It’s All About These Big Dick Sex Positions

Something many people don’t consider is the right sex position. When you have a big dick or a large dildo some positions can feel a little uncomfortable and some can dramatically increase your satisfaction levels. This is what works for me:

Want It To Feel Better: Missionary with your hands wrapped around the base of his cock allows you to be in control of when you have had enough, spooning also feels great and allows him to get deep a lot easier. Another position that a lot of size queens love is you on top, leaning forward slightly, it gives you more control and allows you to take length a lot easier. Laying flat on your front also feels good, I like to avoid doggy-style and putting my legs around his shoulders in missionary and this can cause discomfort with a bigger dick.

Want It To Feel Bigger: If you just want a dick to feel bigger putting your legs around his shoulders in missionary can give you that ‘full’ sensation. Another technique to try is putting a pillow under your butt, it raises your pelvis and allows him to get deeper. Finally, a position that is often overlooked is you on your side, the man kneels over one of your legs whilst holding the other open, it gives great visuals of your ass and he can get deep.

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Using lube is a MUST. You will face the wrath of your ancestors if you skip it because you think you will be fine without it and that just isn’t true. I always use lube, no matter what, it makes things slippery, wet, more comfortable and it just makes sex and foreplay a lot nicer. 

Daily Penetration Practice

If you start masturbating with dildos (if you don’t already), doing it on a more frequent basis will make having a quickie with a bigger guy easier, it also makes bigger sex better. You are just getting the muscles used to daily insertion and relaxing the Kegels to accommodate the girth daily.

What About Quickies?

It is not ideal having quickies with a well-endowed man, cock size can impede ‘quick, let’s just get down to it sex’ but it’s really fun and a shame to miss out on this spontaneous part of sex. This is what I do to get myself prepared when we just want to jump straight into it:

Use a love egg: If you know you’re going to have sex, insert a love egg and power it on, it can do a lot of the foreplay work and get you loosened up down there ready for him.

Have easy access to lube (when possible): It’s a game-changer for both long intense sex sessions and even more so for quickness, it makes sure you’re all wet.

Quickness in the time, not in the insertion: Take a little extra time to push in each inch, don’t shove the whole lot in at once (unless you enjoy that), inch it bit by bit.

Open Your Legs: Create space down there, open sex positions work the best, don’t tighten yourself up or it’ll be harder to insert anything inside of you.

Have More Regular Solo Play/Sex: If you’ve been having penetration regularly, quickies become a lot easier, if you haven’t had sex in a few weeks and try a quickie, it’s going to be harder and less enjoyable.

Fingers First: Even if it’s just for a minute, still try to have a little foreplay and something inside of you to start, even if it’s quick, it helps to loosen your holes, but in fairness, I sometimes miss this step.

Your Man Needs To Learn: Don’t use the whole length, if he is really hung, during quickies not using everything you got can be a good way to keep things comfortable.

Go Down: Have him go down on your before insertion, use his fingers and tongue to get you off, it gives you natural lubricant and will get all of the blood flowing.

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Does Pussy Training Work?

If you haven’t heard, pussy training is basically leveling up to different dildo/vibrator sizes by using dilator kits and then more extreme methods such as fists and it’s meant to slowly stretch your pussy. I have briefly touched on it in this article, the whole practice makes perfect mindset and using dildos to stretch yourself and accommodate bigger sizes. Except for actual pussy training is more intense than that and requires you to go to the extremes quite quickly (aka gaping and fisting) and daily.

In my experience this extreme type of pussy training doesn’t stretch me any more than I already am and gaping isn’t my end goal, however by using any type of penetration toy daily, you will notice you’re able to take a little more than normal and it will feel more comfortable, however, the second you don’t do it for a few weeks/months you will be right back to the start.

For me, I think just using different dildos and going slowly you will learn to take bigger naturally but some people do have great results with pussy training, it just isn’t for me.

Talking about sex resources? I mean, I’d never say the words, “this is the big deal” but…..

Issues & Problems I’ve Had

There are some downsides to enjoying larger dicks and adult toys, in order to stretch and accommodate you can experience pain, tears, and lots of frustration. This is all normal and although uncomfortable it should never hurt you and if it’s hurting you’re doing it wrong.

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Ripping And Pain

As long as I’m properly aroused I love the stretching feeling, but even with arousal and warming up, it can sometimes feel quite uncomfortable, especially afterward, for me, it took a few weeks of regular sex with a hung guy for my body to get used to it and the after sex soreness to virtually disappear.

It still happens if I try to rush sex and don’t use lube or don’t get myself aroused, but nothing like it used to. I also find that a guy who is experienced will go slow and deep until you get used to his size as most of the pain is caused when a guy tries to power thrust everything in at once.

Using lube and going slow is the key to making it pleasurable. Some people find they can’t get a big dick in for at least two tries but eventually, they can fit it all in. My biggest tip I could give you is just to go slow, have an orgasm before penetration and use plenty of lube.

If you do feel pain, take a nice warm bath, relax and it usually goes away in a day or so, but remember if you have any tearing whatsoever or bleeding seek professional advice and stop what you’re doing.

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Condom Friction

I have found that the bigger a cock is the more friction is caused by a condom, this is fixed by applying lots of lube. But, for me, sex without a condom makes taking a bigger size a lot easier.

Never let someone use this as an excuse to not use a condom as it’s easily fixed with lube and is just a preference for me, but I would only play without protection with men who I trust and we can both get tested before to know everything is clean.

This SEX GUIDE collection is a truly **certified Gold **

Uncut Is Easier

When it comes to size, if you aren’t using protection, uncut cock is easier to take inches by about 10 – 15%. I find without the foreskin it can sort of drag the penis a little which can cause discomfort to both of you. I usually use less lube and take a little less warming up to take the size of an uncut man, it’s not the biggest difference and I’m not sure if everyone is the same, just something I noticed about myself.

As you would have noticed , taking a big dick requires YOU to be actively participating rather than leaving it to him to as as he sees fit. By actively participating during sex you help control the things you are comfortable with on the other hand men go crazy over women who actively participate during sex. So if you haven’t already make sure to this guide below. If you need something to sex ideas to drive him wild flowing this guide will certainly do that for you!

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