7 Ways To Relax More When Being Eaten Out


You’re definitely not alone in feeling uncomfortable receiving oral. Women are socialized to believe that our genitals are gross, smelly, weird, icky, and ugly, so it’s not surprising that you feel self-conscious when your boyfriend's face is literally all up in your business!

There are lots of factors that can get in the way of your oral enjoyment, so here are seven strategies to help yourself develop a healthier relationship with cunnilingus: [Read Goddess of Sex; Sexually Driving Your Man Crazy]

1. Know That Your Body Is Beautiful

It takes time to let go of all the crap we women have to deal with when it comes to our bodies, but please know that your genitals are beautiful just the way they are. Seriously. Your boyfriend is choosing to keep going down on you, so he obviously feels the same way.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, you can always try wiping down with an unscented baby wipe beforehand (but again, this isn’t necessary; you taste just great!). You can also try experimenting with different pubic hair styles to see what makes you feel the most sexy. Think of it as pampering yourself! [Read Guide for Women; How To Orgasm Every Time]

2. Find Ways To Connect During Oral

A lot of women find receiving oral to be a lonely experience. Your partner is all the way down there, and you’re basically chilling on the pillows by yourself.

If you find yourself feeling disconnected, try asking your boyfriend to hold your hand, or stroke other parts of your body like your breasts or your stomach. You can also ask him to make eye contact with you, or talk to you. Or he can come up for air and kiss your mouth, neck, and breasts.

You can also experiment with different positions, like sitting on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor, and him kneeling in between your legs. This position has the added bonus of being way more comfortable for him. [Read Simmering Sexual Tension to Make Him Crave You More in Bed]

3. Learn How To Give Feedback

You may be feeling like you have to know exactly what you want, and that you have to give your boyfriend precise and specific directions when he’s going down on you. That doesn’t have to be the case! I would encourage you and your boyfriend to think of giving feedback during oral sex instead of directions. Instead of trying to come up with what you want beforehand, focus more on what feels good in the moment. Keep it simple by saying things like “faster,” “slower,” “harder,” and “softer.” [Read Penis Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Him with Your Hands]

You can also use A/B testing to help hone in on what feels good. Have your boyfriend try two different licking techniques (like side to side, then up and down), then tell him which one feels better. Then have him try two different levels of pressure, or two different speeds. Picking one option out of two is a lot easier and less intimidating than trying to come up with your own instructions out of thin air!

You might also want to broaden your oral sex vocabulary and skill set by reading a sexual technique book together. [Read Blowjob Done Right; Pleasing Your Man with Oral Sex]

4. Focus On The Sensation Of Receiving

It’s so rare in life that we get the opportunity to lay back and just receive, and it can feel jarring when that’s all you need to do.

To help yourself stay more present in the moment, try telling yourself, “all I have to do right now is receive” or “I give myself permission to be the center of attention.”

You can also simply try focusing on the sensations you’re feeling. Imagine what your boyfriend’s tongue and lips look like swirling around your labia and clitoris. Try to pinpoint exactly where on your body feels good. [Read Tease Ride Please; Sexually Satisfying Him]

5. Don’t Get Perfectionistic About It

It’s impossible to be fully present 100 percent of the time. Let’s get real — it’s hard to feel present for longer than 10-20 seconds at a time! Lots of women beat themselves up for getting distracted during oral sex, but it’s simply impossible not to. Your thoughts are going to drift, so instead of trying to force yourself not to think about anything else, take a second to acknowledge your wandering mind, and gently try to refocus on what’s going on in the present moment. [Read I am not a Starfish: A Female Step by Step Guide to Actively Participate During Sex]

6. Talk About It

Communication is so crucial to good sex. Tell your boyfriend that you’re having a hard time letting go during oral sex, and ask him to tell you what he likes about going down on you. Hearing him say, “you taste so good” or “I love the way your skin feels on my mouth” might help you feel more relaxed when he starts working his way down beneath the covers.

I’d also suggest gently requesting that he stop asking the dreaded “what do you want me to do?” question. I don’t think there’s any other question more universally despised by women during sex! Tell him, “when you ask me that question, it just sends me up in my head and makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.”

Suggest trying the A/B testing method together, or come up with sneaky ways to let him know that he’s on the right track (for example, you’ll pull his hair when you want more pressure, or you’ll stroke his shoulder when you want him to go slower). [Read Goddess of Sex; Sexually Driving Your Man Crazy]

7. Accept Your Likes And Dislikes

If you try these tips and still don’t enjoy having his head between your legs, that’s perfectly OK! There are lots of women who just don’t like oral sex. Your sexual likes and dislikes are part of what makes you you, and there’s nothing wrong with not liking oral, if that's truly how you feel.

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