How To Suck A Small Dick

Just like with sucking a big dick, (you can read my article on how to suck a big dick here) there are tips and tricks and things you can do to enhance your blowjob techniques on someone with a lesser than average dick.

It’s all about how you take advice and how you perform with it.

Just because the penis is small it doesn’t mean you can’t pull out all of your best moves, it will still feel amazing for the man, whether their penis is big or small and things like deepthroating are so much easier with a small dicks to perform on that you will become a master at blowjobs.

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Tips To Take When Sucking A Small Dick

1. Make sure he’s hard and lube up with flavored lube. It’s a lot easier to deepthroat a small dick so use this to your full advantage, every tip you have ever been taught about deepthroating (more advice in my how to suck a big dick article) should be used here.

2. Use your hands and mouth in unison and take his penis fully into your mouth.

3. Don’t forget the tip of the penis, this is one of the most sensitive areas. Lick it, pull it and out of your mouth and focus on it as you use your hands to stimulate his shaft.

4. Take as much of it as you can into your mouth, use being able to deepthroat to your advantage. It feels amazing for them!

How Is It Really Done?

Of course, there is more to sucking a small dick than just putting it in your mouth and hoping for the best. There are techniques, things to avoid and things to definitely do. Below I put into detail everything you should do in order to make his knees weak.

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Tips To Make Him CUM Hard With A Small Penis

Luckily, a small penis means you can deepthroat with ease. To do this take the penis into your mouth and lick the shaft with your tongue as you plunge it down your throat. Deepthroating mimics the sensations of actual sex for men, so try to copy the sensations that you would feel with a vagina. For instance tightening your lips over his shaft, bobbing up and down, slipping the head of his penis in and out of your mouth. and ensuring his penis is nice and wet. Follow just these steps and you will have him in the palm of your hand.

Don’t ignore the balls! Play with the head of his penis and caress the balls with your dominant hand, gently squeeze and stimulate them to double the pleasure you are delivering. Make sure to also lick and suck on the balls when you can. You can also stimulate the shaft of his penis with your hand, lift up the penis and suck his balls whilst wan**** him off. It’s just a simple tip that will make him think you’re a blowjob expert.

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Get yourself off when you’re getting him off when you are sucking his cock. Play with yourself and enjoy mutual orgasms, not only is this incredibly hot but it also solves the issue of maybe not being able to orgasm through penetration. 

Use your hand and give him a ‘handjob’ whilst your tongue stimulates the head of his penis. This feels great for him and will make you seem like an absolute blowjob legend. Also, make sure to do this if your jaw is getting sore from blowing him, it’s a welcome break from all of the bobbing up and down and is a technique everyone should know.

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Deepthroating feels GREAT but it can also get tiresome for you and your jaw, something you also need to focus on is the tip of the penis. Come up for air now and again when you’re deepthroating and focus solely on the tip of his penis using your tongue to swirl around the tip. This is just reinforcing my previous tip, the head of the penis is really sensitive and going between the head and the shaft is awesome.

Make sure to keep yourself and him in positions where you can feel him more. This goes for sex rather than blowjobs, but keep your legs together so that you can feel him inside of you. All men with small penises should be aware of this technique, hold your legs together as he thrusts inside of you.

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Things To Avoid

– Don’t ever laugh at his penis, especially if you know he is sensitive about the size. This can create a huge complex for him, especially if you aren’t in a relationship.

– Make sure to talk about his penis, don’t act as if its the biggest penis you have ever seen.– If you’re at a point where you’re both comfortable, talk about it. It may help him to feel more comfortable and he may even let you know what feels good for him.

– Make sure to ask before touching his butt hole. This goes for anyone really.

– If he does open up about his penis, ask him what he enjoys. You may find he hates deepthroating or ball play, see how you can please him so you can give him the best blowjob of his existence.

– Don’t overcompensate and ignore the fact that he has a small penis but also make sure to not mention it so much that it begins a little awkward. Just quietly acknowledge it.

Blowjob Done Right; Pleasing Your Man with Oral Sex


No sex technique says “I love you” quite the way that a blowjob does. You will get so much from performing a blowjob on him, including:

• Increased sexual confidence

• Greater sense of your feminine power

• And my promise to both you and your lover is this: the relationship will feel new and exciting again.

What compares to the warmth of your breath, the wet sucking of your mouth, the firmness of your tongue?


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