6 Leg Shaking G-Spot Techniques That Will Make Her SQUIRT!

G-spot orgasms can be earth shattering and make your girl soak the sheets – when done the right way. Learn five ways to give her a gushing orgasm TONIGHT!

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1. Come Hither

If you’ve ever found the g-spot, it’s likely you found it with the “come hither” motion. This movement is an excellent way for a man to stimulate a woman’s g-spot either alone during fingering or during oral sex. It’s easy to do and can be done fast or slow.

How To Do It: Insert one or two fingers – preferably your index and/or middle fingers – into her vagina with your palm facing up. Move your fingers in a “come hither” motion, as though you were motioning for someone to come to you. The g-spot is about two inches in and on the upper wall of the vagina (the stomach side, not the butt side), so this technique is the most commonly used to find and stimulate the g-spot.

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2. Tapping

Tapping the g-spot can provide faster stimulation than other techniques because it requires less movement of the hand and fingers, which enables the hand to be moved faster. If you have strong hand and finger muscles without arthritis and have some stamina, you can get a very fast pace going, almost like your fingers are “vibrating” against it.

How To Do It: If you want to “tap” the g-spot, you’ll want to slide your fingers into her vagina in the “come here” position. Instead of moving your fingers in the “come here” motion, you’re going to “tap” it instead. This will involve slight bending of your fingers, but not near as much as if you were going to do the complete come hither motion.

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3. Circles

Circles are an excellent way to go slow and put firm pressure on the g-spot. Most girls can only tolerate firm pressure very slowly in the beginning, before she’s fully aroused.

How To Do It: You’re again going to insert your finger or fingers into your lover’s vagina with your palm up. Once you feel her swollen erogenous zone, you’ll be able to rub it slowly with the pads of your fingers in circles. Start out doing this lightly, and then progress to firmer pressure. Pay attention to your partner’s responses and body language to determine your speed and pressure.

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4. Side To Side

Most of the time, the front and back of the g-spot get all the attention when a man uses the “come hither” motion when fingering her. If you want to pay attention to the sides of the area (and the sensitive, nerve packed sides of the vagina), you want to use the “side to side” technique.

How To Do It: With your hand in position and your palm up, simply move your fingers from side to side. You’ll be using your wrist mostly to control the motion, and the fingers stay only very slightly bent. This maneuver is easy to switch to if your hand or fingers get tired using any of the other maneuvers. This is a great technique to use during cunnilingus!

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5. “The Hook”

“The Hook” technique is a variation of the “come hither” motion. This technique allows you to put very firm, concentrated pressure on her sweet spot.

How To Do It: With your hand in the “come hither” position, curl your fingers towards you. Instead of flexing your fingers back into the position where they are only slightly bent, you’re going to keep them curled forward. Then, you will flex your wrist, moving your entire hand in the “come hither” motion. This allows you to push harder and deeper into her g-spot.

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6. Push Her G-Spot Towards Your Fingers

Sometimes, the g-spot is tucked away and is difficult to find and stimulate with just your fingers. You can push her g-spot towards your fingers so that you can stimulate it more firmly. This is where the squirting orgasms come in!

How To Do It: With Your fingers inside her vagina, put your other hand – palm down – on her lower stomach, just above her pubic bone. Press down as firmly as is comfortable for your partner. This pushes the g-spot towards the fingers.

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A Note On Squirting

If a woman has never squirted before, it can take a few times to actually get her there. It requires a woman to fully let go and surrender to the sensations, and this can be difficult for some women mentally and physically because the firm pressure on the g-spot that is required for a woman to squirt actually makes her feel like she has to pee. Put a towel down, encourage your lover to relax and let her know that if she does soak the sheets, it’s going to be totally hot!

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