Oral Sex And The Chubby Girl: How To Orally Serve Your Thick Juicy Mistress

Believe it or not, there is a lot of advice on sex and plus size folks, which mostly center on being comfortable and positions for penetration. I am here today to talk about cunnilingus. I’m sure some of you out there are master pussy eaters and don’t need my advice, but sometimes sex can be a bit different for people of size.

While folks with vaginas have the same basic parts down below, they vary in shape and size. Your technique with your slim partner may not suit the needs of your chubby partner. Now for the one receiving there may be some minor adjustments they need to make when receiving oral pleasure.


If you’re chubby, you may have a beautiful tummy that greets your partner when they are making their way downtown. Do not feel embarrassed that it hides your genitals. There are two ways one can work with the tummy. One, spreading the legs further apart will lift the stomach up, or two, simply lift it yourself or have your partner lift it as they go down on you. It is a pretty simple “problem” that can be worked out.

If you also have big thunder thighs and those, too, can get in the way. As much as you might like to smother your partner a little bit,  do what you can to make things comfortable for the both of you. Just like the tummy, you can spread your thighs further apart, or you or your partner can move some of the thigh meat out the way. Equally as important (if it is physically possibly), bring your legs toward your body (still parted) to expose your privates more easily.


Being on top isn’t just for penetration anymore! That’s right, folks, I’m talking about riding your partner’s face. Many people are frightened by this position, mostly due to fear of smothering your partner. If you’re on your knees, you have enough control to give your partner air. If you and your partner are more adventurous, you can sit full weight on their face. Either way, have a communication system in place so your partner can tell you if they would like an air break.


When start to have sex, you are most likely really worried about the smell of your vagina. Being a big girl; most likely you sweat down there. Thighs rub together and it creates moisture. However, your pussy doesn’t have some unique chubby person smell. If you’ve been doing some physical activity and you think you need to refresh, go right ahead. I sometimes use wet wipes if I’m a little sweaty down there. You can also use a washcloth with some soap. It’s your preference. I’ve even known girls who change their underwear if it’s particularly hot. Everyone sweats! Practice good hygiene and you’ll be fine.

Don't worry about how you look down there. It may be hard, but remember so many people have the same issue and no one’s skin is absolutely perfect. Plus, if your partner is too busy paying attention to the hue of the inside of your thighs, they have some messed-up priorities.


Oral sex should be fun for everyone. Your needs as a chubby girl may be a little different, but that doesn’t mean the fun should stop for you! On the contrary, you just have more to work with, and I find that even more exciting. Sex is never going to be perfect. There will be some points where things move out of place and parts need to be adjusted – that’s what makes sex so thrilling. Just laugh it off and continue to get your orgasm on! 

Now once you have propped these up remember you will need the same techniques to properly eat any pussy like a savage, you will definitely need this guide below

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