3 Motions to Do When Riding Your Man & Overcoming Possible challenges


Are you in bed/somewhere where you’re starting to get frisky? Great. Start with touch. Run your fingers through his hair. Move your hands over his chest. Kiss his neck, shoulders, arms, and back. Wake up his flesh with your lips and fingers. [Read Goddess of Sex; Sexually Driving Your Man Crazy]

There are three motions that you can perform when riding your man and having sex on top.

1. Forwards & Backwards

If you enjoy clitoral stimulation during sex, then you will like this motion. Start by sitting right down into your man’s lap and take him fully into you. Then simply rock forwards and backwards on top of him, rubbing your clitoris of his stomach. [Read I am not a Starfish: A Female Step by Step Guide to Actively Participate During Sex]

2. Up & Down

Moving upwards and downwards requires a little more effort. You are going to use your legs to ‘bounce’ on your man’s lap allowing his penis to glide in deep and then out again.

You’ll find that this position requires a lot more effort than simply moving backwards and forwards. [Read Guide for Women; How To Orgasm Every Time]

3. Around & Around

This last movement is similar to the first, Forwards & Backwards. You are going to take your man deep into you, but instead of moving backwards and forwards on him, you are going to be making a circular motion instead.

Now these three movements are a starting point for riding a guy while on top, but to truly enjoy yourself then you’re going to need to do a bit of experimentation to see what you like and enjoy the most. [Read Tease Ride Please; Sexually Satisfying Him]

Possible challenges

As hot as the reverse cowgirl position is, there are a few challenges with this sex position.

Penis curvature

The biggest challenge is that many men have a penis that is gently curved toward the belly button. In front-facing positions, this angle works to your advantage as the head is more likely to hit the sensitive front wall of the vagina. But when you turn around, the curvature points away from your G-spot.

Try it out and notice if it makes a big difference in your experience or not.

The best way to negotiate his curvature in the reverse cowgirl position is to lean back as you ride. Instead of leaning forward toward his feet, lean back toward his chest. Plant your hands on his chest or along each side of his body so your torso is at an angle, leaning back toward your lover’s head. This will align your opening with the angle of his penis, making penetration a bit more comfortable for both of you. [Read Simmering Sexual Tension to Make Him Crave You More in Bed]

It’s hard work being on top

Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are true tests of your sexual fitness, whether you’re on top in a deep squat, using your powerful thigh muscles to bounce up and down, or on your knees and moving up and down from there. If you have a hard time keeping up momentum, try taking your lovemaking to the couch.

Have your lover sit on the couch, then sit on back while keeping your feet firmly planted on the floor. You’ll find this is probably way more comfortable than squatting over your lover in bed. Plus, having sex in different places adds the essential element of novelty to your sex life. [Read Penis Massage; Complete Guide into Pleasuring Him with Your Hands]


If you find yourself shy about being on top, try blindfolding your guy. By denying him his sense of sight, you’ll heighten his other senses, which will make the feeling of you being on top even hotter for him.

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