For Him: Signs You Laid The Pipe RIGHT!

Reading a woman's thoughts and emotions can be quite difficult especially during sex, but there are a few physical and verbal signs that will be great indicators that you are putting in good work and pleasing her right. Some of the signs you may already know, but others maybe new to you. Either way, if you observe any of these reactions in the list, you ARE King dingaling...or daddy as some prefer lol.

She gets the leg shakes

After you're done, she curls up into a fetal position

During sex she repeatedly shouts the name of Jesus or says OMG multiple times in a row

She tells you not to stop

Her eyes roll in the back of her head

She digs her nails in your back

She throws it back

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You hear the words, Shit, Fuck or Yeah while you're stroking

She is still coming after you've pulled out

She feels phantom dick at random moments when you're not together

Her Vaginal walls tighten while you're inside

If she texts you a few days later with a "HI :-)" That means she wants some more PIPE!

She can't stand up straight

She loses her hearing

She walks like a cowboy for about three days

She grabs the sheets on the bed

She creates a puddle in the bed that soaks through your sheets

Her toes curl

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She lays still for a few seconds right after she cums like she is paralyzed

She gets up to fix you something to eat and drink

She compliments you

She sucks air in between her teeth before moaning

After you're done, She can't speak but only shakes her head to say "yes" or "no" when you try to speak to her

Her moans become high pitched

She calls out your name

She gets goosebumps

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She uses the grip of death on your head between her thighs when you give her head

She has to cover her mouth because she's moaning too loud

She starts to stutter while you're hitting it

She grabs the back of your head while you're licking her clitoris

She starts running from the D...hitting that spot sometimes feels too good to handle

Her breaths become short

If your partner displays one or more of these reactions, then you are a MASTER Lover...just make sure you wrap it up and don't give the long stroke to too many women. because you sir will have stalkers!


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