Going with the Flow; The woman who cried after being screwed!

Okay, so I normally share my sexual adventure stories in a bid to teach you how to please your woman. In this story I am going to share what another woman confessed to me, but still the lesson is very clear!

But.....If you want to read all about How I personally got obsessed with sex here? Admittedly, It’s a weird story…

So here is her story

The best past sex story I have is from when my guy friend and I went to a hotel room. We settled in. Later, he started to have me fully undress. He sat in a chair and watched, while I was on the bed.

He told me to crawl to him, I did. I already knew what to do. I unbuckled his pants, took his cock out, and started performing oral sex on him. After a while, he made me get up and get on the bed. I lay down and he got on top of me and started to suck on my breasts. The more he sucked, the wetter I became. So much so, that I had an orgasm from his sucking my titties. He was amazed that I came from him doing that.

He then got in front of me on the bed, looked at my pussy, and said, “Omg you’re so wet. You’re soaked,” before taking his cock and rubbing it against my pussy. Finally, he stood over me and told me to lick my juice from the tip of his cock. I did, and he kissed me afterward.

After that, he put his cock in my pussy and looked me dead in the eyes, and said “You want me to go deep?” I said yes. Then he asked “You want it fast and rough?” Yes, again. When he started, I began to cry from being so emotional. I came several times. He finished on my face.

So, why Am I telling about this story?

You need to Screw Her Mind - Not Just Her Pussy

Sure, She Likes Getting Her Pussy Fucked - But… She Likes Having Her MIND Fucked Too!”

Most men see SEX as a purely PHYSICAL experience…

They see it as a ‘cock and pussy’ thing.

The Alpha man I train knows better.

Sure, he LOVES pussy - much more so than ‘Mr Average.’

But, he also understands that for women, sex is much more of a MENTAL thing that it is for men. So he fucks his woman’s MIND - not just her pussy.

How does the Alpha fuck his woman’s mind?

One of the most effective ways to dominate a woman in bed is using DIRTY TALK.

Now you know where some of the secrets I teach cum from :)

Anyway, like I said above, you can read another story about How I got obsessed with sex here?


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