I had sex with a Breast Clueless Guy!

This happened a few years ago before I got obsessed with sex, you can read that story here? Admittedly, It’s a weird story….

There was this problem. 

Whenever we make out, he will get the impression that I wants him to do something with my breasts... but he didn't have the foggiest what to do.

He was sure that they weren't there strictly for his enjoyment; so, what could he do that would offer for me some pleasure, as well?

When I started my initial research on how to truly satisfy a woman in bed with the aim of creating the only resources that you’ll ever need on the topic

This is what I found out.

While my breasts may have seemed like an enigma to him, with a little experimentation, openness, communication, and creativity, he was able to crack the code  — unlocking scads of pleasure for the both of us. 

Once I started guiding him, the world of breast play truly became our oyster. 

To get us started, here are a few tips that changed everything for us — that's tips — for handling breasts. 

Being gentle: caress, fondle, cradle, or stroke

Being hands-y: jiggle, bounce, twist, or tickle

Being mouthy: kiss, lick, suck, or nibble

Being sentimental: compliment, name, gaze at, or talk to

Being vigorous: squeeze, twist, tug, or clutch

Being pragmatic: massage, wash, dry, or lubricate

While boobs tend to be a popular option for foreplay (a.k.a. all the stuff that happens before intercourse), they can actually take center stage as the main attraction!

 Like i talk about in these guides on titty fucking!

I challenge you to try a new breast adventures and it will be titillating for both you and your partner!

Now, here is my story about How I got obsessed with sex here?


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