The Horny Caterpillar Sex Move to WOW Her in the Bedroom

This tip ALONE is about to super boost your sex life, because it uses a little known part of female anatomy, the roots of the clitoris.You read that right!

The clitoris, like a tree, is made up of two parts: the trunk above ground and the roots below. And the roots of the clitoris are actually extremely important to her pleasure.

Stimulating them is the BEST way to get her turned on. Because it starts the domino effect that ends in an explosive orgasm.

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Since these roots are buried under the surface, we have to reach them from the surface level.

It’s a little tricky to apply the right amount of pressure and movement to get the results we’re looking for.

Luckily, I’ve got you covered!I named this technique the Horny Caterpillar because when you squeeze her lips like this It sort of looks like a hairy Caterpillar.

(Don’t laugh, lol)

To use this technique you only need access to her outermost genital area, which means you can start using this while her panties are still on.

Which, honestly, is hot AF

Download All 24 Sex Guides For MEN in PDF & EPUB

 Download All 7 Sex Guides For WOMEN in PDF & EPUB

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