I got fingered in a changing room

If you follow my writings, you will notice that I am always talking about sex like a maniac. Long story short, you can read all about How I got obsessed with sex here? Admittedly, It’s a weird story…

I had to buy some new clothes for an occasion, so I brought my man to help. 

I was trying some stuff on in the dressing room while he waited outside. 

I showed him how every piece looked on me and he would just nod if he thinks it looks good on me or shake his head if doesn’t think so.

 When I was trying out this navy-colored skirt, the zipper in the back was hard to zip up so I had to ask him to close it for me. 

The store clerks were busy attending to other customers so he was able to sneak into the fitting room with me. 

He zipped my skirt at the back and stared at my reflection in the mirror. 

With his fingers, he slowly traced the curves from my legs to my waist. 

He placed his chin on the side of my neck and softly sucked it, I felt the need to be filled by him. 

He unzipped my skirt and it fell. 

He moved my underwear to the side and started to touch me  ><  while his other hand was groping my boobs. 

It was soo hot looking at our reflection in the mirror while he was doing wonders on my body and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't help but to let out some moans.

 He said that I look more formal when I’m naked. 

And you can imagine how the sex was great when we got home. 

I am actually feeling myself getting wet as I write this...

This just made me realize the very reason I had when I started to add to my own experience by my initial research on how to truly satisfy a woman in bed with the aim of creating the only resources that you’ll ever need on the topic.

Women Get Bored In Bed Faster Than Men

Our bodies are changing all the time which means we need you to change up your style and technique each time.

So be sure to try new things and spice it up on a regular basis


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