So masturbation is seriously an amazing hobby of mine.

I woke up and rolled over to my goody drawer to begin my morning routine of getting a couple of orgasms out of the way before going about my day.

Usually, I'm a pretty quick and to-the-point self-lover but there were moans, sheet grabbing, and real-life seduction as if I wasn't laying in my covers by my damn self. 

And it was a stomach-piercing feeling that caused me to suck the air from my lungs back in.

My breathing was nonexistent. 

Hell, I didn't even realize I was holding my breath until the liquid shot out of me. 

This orgasm was long as hell and very rambunctious. 

I tried to gain control of the muscles down there but it just couldn't happen.

After I had collected myself, I couldn't even try to manage another out like usual. 

I got up to begin my day and a big ass wet spot was where I had been, proof that the clitoral stimulator sex toy had just pushed every important person in my life one spot to the left to make room for this!

Of course this story comes off as a random, but the point of it is that, for women reaching orgasm is all about letting go of control, and this concept can be a little frightening for some. 

Because of this, it is usually better if the woman can learn about her own body and responses without a partner to begin with, so that she can know what it is that gives her pleasure and ultimately brings her to orgasm.


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