A New Approach to Male Masturbation; Use the "Handed TangoTechnique"

The One-Handed Wonder

In general, most men masturbate using their dominant hand (minus the guys who do “the stranger” just to mix it up a bit). As a common and seemingly natural technique, it’s one of the easiest to perform on yourself, whether you’re new to the whole masturbation thing or not. It requires no special skills and, quite frankly, is for rookies only. However, there is a certain way to do it if you want it to feel as awesome as possible (and I know you do):

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·         Grip your dick with your good hand, maintaining a firm yet gentle hold. In other words, don’t choke your chicken so hard that it passes out. Allow for proper blood flow but be sure you’re not holding it so lightly that the entire exercise is pointless. Adjust the strength of your grip as you go to determine what feels best to you.

·         To avoid drag and chaffing, put some lube on your hand or dick before you begin. I don’t suggest using lotion or oil because it can cause skin irritation and may make your junk smell funny. I recommend a good water-based lubricant, and plenty of it.

·         In a smooth rhythm, move your hand up and down the shaft of your penis at whatever speed suits you. Don’t be afraid to speed it up or slow it down throughout the session as you see fit.

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The Two-Handed Tango

Using both of your hands can be a magical mystery ride as well. If your dick isn’t too small (which I hope it’s not), try placing your hands side-by-side on the shaft for a whole different kind of experience. While doing so isn’t too much of a variation from the one-handed wonder, this technique will still offer you a little more variety in terms of sensation in the event that you can’t afford the joy of a toy. Here are my humble suggestions for this semi-marvelous method:

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·         With a grip similar to the one you used for the one-handed wonder technique, grab your cock and squeeze until it feels tight enough to resemble an orifice while keeping it loose enough to move your hands up and down.

·         Once again, to avoid ripping the skin off your dick, slap on a bunch of water-based lubricant before you get started.

·         Using the same smooth motions as before, stroke your cock up and down at whatever speed you prefer. I suggest squeezing a little tighter at the tip just to give your penis more pleasure, since that’s where most of the nerve endings reside.

·         You might also try making a somewhat circular motion with your hands as you move up and down. I found that doing that feels amazing, not to mention it mimics real-life sex a lot more than the standard vertical pimp.

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There’s also no perfect way to do this method either, but a little skill does go a long way. To two-handed tango allows you to experience multiple sensations at once, but unfortunately it will prevent you from “minding the step children” along the way.

While standing, twist your lubed-up hand (whichever you’re most comfortable using) so that your thumb is against your belly button. Wrap your hand around your penis and, rather than stroke with your hand, move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand.

This masturbation technique functions as a cheap and simple way to approximate the feeling of a real orifice – but if you’re really determined to find that feeling when you masturbate, there are certain male sex toys, such as Fleshlights, that will do the trick much more efficiently.

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