Just Pure sex addiction!

For me, it was true. Sex really was overrated.

I eventually grew lonely for companionship and accepted a date from a guy that had been pursuing me for quite some time. 

I was lonely, and felt like if I didn't at least give it another chance, then I wasn't being fair to myself.

After four dates, the sexual chemistry had boiled over. 

That star-filled and magical night, we ended up engaged in a wild bout for control, all while completely naked. 

I felt like a lioness in the jungle. 

The fear and excitement of being caught and tamed to submission melted my core. 

He handled me with care, but not fear. 

The passion and the height of voice that I thought I could never reach played syllables off of his walls. I was sick with defeat and weak in praise. 

The next morning, that awkward walk of shame was a walk of fame for me as I felt like a new woman bouncing down to that Uber car with my thong in my purse.

There were no inhibitions on my behalf, I was sexually open for him. 

You couldn't tell me anything; I was ready for more and I got more. 

I went back every weekend for six months.

What made me remember this story is because of many women who are always asking me that their men are not "manly enough". 

By this I mean they are not dominant enough in bed.

Yes, I also teach women to actively participate in bed, but then I realized i need to also teach men how to fuck a woman like a "man"

Admittedly, men have been BRAINWASHED into thinking that women are ‘delicate and fragile.’

Listen up.

Vaginas are made to push out babies! They are hard to BREAK!

My point?

The average man’s belief that women are delicate and fragile leads to soft, tepid ‘love-making’ that drives most women crazy with BOREDOM. Because it never, or rarely, makes her cum.

Women like it HARD and DEEP most of the time.

They like it ‘naughty.’

What ‘counts’ as NAUGHTY sex?

Dirty talk? For sure.

Spanking? Hell yeah.

Hair grabbing? Absolutely.

Anal play? Damn right.

Women LOVE it all.

Its your job, to give ‘em what they want.


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