Sexual Lessons from my erotic Adventures!

Of course here I list everything but the story of How I got obsessed with sex starts here. Admittedly, It’s a weird story…

First lesson! Ever played hide and seek? Ready or not, here I come!

Throwback to my First Orgasm during sex Story

So masturbation is seriously an amazing hobby of mine.

Surprised by what I did The day I visited  a Swinger Party!

Going with the Flow; The woman who cried after being screwed!

I actually learnt Something from a One Night Stand In Jamaica!

Just Pure sex addiction!

The Day he played my Pussy like a guitar!

The sex which had A Little Bit of Everything

Had Sex With My Overweight Friend

I got fingered in a changing room

The day He walked in on me masturbating & I felt like a DISGUSTING PIG!

I had sex with a Breast Clueless Guy!

How did I get obsessed with sex?

The most painful sex I ever had!

The Hidden Benefits of “satisfying your woman in bed”


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