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Teaching proven sex moves, tricks and methods that work

Email 2: How did I get obsessed with sex?

It’s a weird story…

I originally created my website, as my personal archive for information

to please my man in bed. Over time, my “man-pleasing” guides became extremely popular, reaching over 1.2 million visitors per month.

Along with that popularity came an avalanche of emails from the “other half”.

Husbands, boyfriends, even lesbian/bisexual women constantly harassed me…

They wanted to know how to pleasure their girl and give her the best orgasms of her life.

At first, I ignored these emails.

But they were relentless.

I wanted to get these people off my back, so…

I started to add to my own experience by my initial research on how to truly 

satisfy a woman in bed with the aim of creating the only resources that you’ll ever need on the topic.

It was quite the journey…

There Was A Lot Of Bullshit Out There, I won't lie.

I contacted sex “gurus” and tantra experts to learn what worked best…and tried those 

findings in my own relationship......To be perfectly honest, they didn’t have much useful information or techniques that work in the real world. 

They did have a few insights, but they were generally useless.

I spoke with male escorts and male pornstars to learn the sexual secrets 

that sexually frustrated women pay them for…this group was better, although a lot of what I learned wasn’t particularly helpful. 

A large part of their skill set was about making sex look visually appealing, but they didn’t focus much on actually pleasing their girl.

I was also able to pick up a one or two techniques when I spoke to sex toy manufacturers, dominatrixes and swinger/polyamorous groups.

But, I Found Some Golden Techniques

Thankfully there were three sources that provided most of the gold:

1. I spent hundreds of hours interviewing, quizzing and talking to real couples 

that already have great sex, discovering what works in the real world and what doesn’t.

They were able to explain the real world techniques they use to:

Make their female partner crazy horny and desperate for sex 7 days a week.

Break down her barriers to make her more kinky and adventurous than either of you thought possible.

How to give her violently-pleasurable, lose-control, full-body orgasms.

2. Next, I poured through studies in the US National Library of Medicine 

so that I could find real, verifiable research and information on what actually works to make sex satisfying for women.

Despite what people may have you believe, there is actually a lot of academic information, studies and research on the female orgasm and sexual pleasure. 

The PROBLEM is that it’s really hard to read or comprehend because it’s written in such a dense, obtuse, scholarly way.

While it was a slow and sometimes frustrating process, 

I was eventually able to untangle all this information, organize it in an easy to read way 

and create a book collection that will take you by the hand show you the exact steps to give her the most intense sexual pleasure that she’s ever experienced.

In addition, it will also equip you with the tools to dramatically boost her sexual appetite. 

In that collection there are also guides to staying longer before you ejaculate along with the definitive answer on making your orgasms better too.

3. My epiphany from the secrets I didn't want my man to know

Would  you  like  to  know  what  I  discovered from within myself, admittedly that is a very vulnerable position for me?  Are  you interested  in  Secrets women don’t want their men to know?

If  so,  then  look  for  my  email  tomorrow.  I’m  gonna  show you  the  epiphany  I

had,  but  more  importantly,  I’m  going  to  explain  how  you can  use  it  to  to your advantage!



Teaching proven sex moves, tricks and methods that work

Email 3: The most painful sex I ever had!

It was like coming out of a dream with my face screwed in a painful grin.

He was  completely smashing my FINE ASS thinking he is going hard, Pound for Pound with sweat dripping off his brow and  I bet he was thinking , "yea I'm beating this up right!"

In my mind I was actually wondering when the ordeal was going to be over.

His "pounding" was just downright painful

Why didn't i tell him how he was missing the mark?

I was afraid of hurting his Ego

One of the main reasons women keep these secrets from men is that we’re afraid of hurting your ego.

Especially when it comes to sex, we know that nothing kills the mood faster than when a man gets insecure. So this actually stops us from having conversations that we might want to.

For example the average dude assumes that if he’s feeling pleasure his partner is too—and that’s where he’s losing. 

Being a slayer isn’t just about doing freaking stuff; it’s also about technique. 

Mastering the way you switch up your rhythm, depth of stroke and positioning will ensure you receive the ultimate compliment every time you put it down. This level of skillfulness requires some effort.

There is an art to making love, and just like the variety of paint strokes a painter uses to create a beautiful piece of art,

 a varied stroke technique is needed to truly create a beautiful and satisfying sexual experience for her.

Any man can pump like a jack rabbit and achieve his orgasm quickly, 

but to put the pleasure of your partner first and sincerely savor every moment of being inside of her and connecting on an energy level separates the truly skilled from the animalistic.

Sure, she may like it hard and fast at some points during sex, but chances are she’s going to enjoy it more if you vary your thrusts a bit.

Whenever I wanted proper sex, I started focusing on ONE thing …

Showing my man the right way to fuck me!

Would you like to know how I did that?

If so, I I have share all that knowledge here

Go check it out, and let me know what you think.


P.S.  Tomorrow  I  want  to  show  you  a  few  hidden  benefits of

“sexually satisfying your woman in bed”  will  give  you,  benefits  you  probably  don’t  even know  exist.  Look  for

that email tomorrow!

Email 4:   The Hidden  Benefits of “satisfying your woman in bed”

When  I  first  started showing my man what I wanted in bed,  he  was  concerned about appearing clueless…

He just knew that what I showed him to do worked and he wanted to do it.

But what caught him off-guard was how pleasing me in bed

actually changed his own life.

Sure, he started to get a lot more sex, BUT… more importantly, each orgasm

he gave me  opened  up  new  doors  for  him.  Hearing me moan with pleasure and satisfaction is a big turn-on for him and feeds his ego immensely. 

I can't even think of ever having sex with someone else when in fact Infidelity and cheating have become common like having a cold these days.

Also making me orgasm has unleashed the porn star in me, 

Think it through and remember that a grateful and horny woman is far more

generous than just a horny one. And more inventive. And dedicated. Basically everything you want her to be.

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you too—am I right?

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Email 5:  Last Call!

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Teaching proven sex moves, tricks and methods that work



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