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Sexually Owning Her; From Seduction, Foreplay, Peak Arousal to Penetration Techniques

The knowledge here will take your sexual encounters – be it with your wife, girlfriend, or just a random hookup – to the next level, and make it so that she can’t help but beg for more, time after time. You will learn that females conceptualize sex differently from men – and how you can take advantage of it Wouldn’t it be nice to become “that guy” that your woman talk about? To know that you have just given her an experience she will never forget, and never feel insecure about your performance again? Read this book to decode the female body and be the beast in bed that you know she wants. All within your reach! Download this copy today! For more details continue to scroll below to take a look at more RANDOM INSIDE PAGES! READING OPTIONS Option 1:   Download both PDF (3Mb) & EPUB (4Mb) on Patreon OR Option 2:   Download both PDF (3Mb) & EPUB (4Mb) on Gumroad OR Option 3:   Download it together with all these other "reads for men" bundled here OR CHECK RANDOM INSIDE PAG