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Take Me Right Here; Making Your Woman Do Anything in Bed

Here are simple sex rules that can be learned and understood. And used in real sex life. When you learn these rules, you will know what to do with your woman – in any situation. Even when she resists and say no to you. Follow these rules and everything will work out as you want her to. This book has three goals: Goal 1:- Teach you how female arousal works, so you always know how to turn her on. (This is part 1 of this book) Goal 2: – Teach you the natural sexual interaction between men and women. This interaction is a 5 step process, and it’s the same every time you want to do something sexual with a woman. Learn this 5 step process, and you’ll always know what to do with women. (This is part 2 of this book) Goal 3: – Teach you how to make women do anything in bed. Or to be more precise, teach you to increase your girl’s arousal, so she’ll happily go along with everything you want to do in bed. (This is part 3 of this book) The techniques in this book work with all heterosexual women.