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Is She Bored During Sex? 5 Things She Wants in Bed

I have bad news for you. She’s bored. And look, no one wants to be the clueless guy who’s pounding away at her while she just waits for you to finish. But how would you know if you’re that clueless guy or not? Chances are, she’s not going to out-right tell you she’s bored in bed. There are three ways to tell if she’s bored with your sex life — but men miss these three cues all the time. So what if she IS bored? Below I will share the five things you can instantly start doing to spice things up in the bedroom, reignite the passion, and amp up her desire to have MORE sex with you. Because after you do these five things, she’ll want sex more often, and she’ll even enjoy easier and more frequent orgasms. How can you tell if she’s bored during sex? She doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. This is why women often hide the fact that they’re bored in the bedroom — it’s not because she wants to lie to you — it’s because she might not be sure how to talk about it. So how can you tell if she’s act

Simmering Sexual Tension to Make Him Crave You More in Bed

Unpredictable, uncontrollable and unbelievably hot! This is a surefire way to turn up the heat in your relationship. It is packed with steamy tips and tricks for building the ultimate sexual tension with your man making him always passionately think about YOU.  This book has timeless advice that can be used by anyone at any stage of their relationship. Sure you’ll discover exhilarating new ways to have a blast in your sex life and  it will teach you how to make your partner anticipate whatever comes next, , but most importantly – GOODBYE DEADBEDROOM! For more details continue to scroll below to take a look at more RANDOM INSIDE PAGES! READING OPTIONS Option 1:   Download both PDF (3Mb) & EPUB (4Mb) on Gumroad OR Option 2:   Download together with all these other "reads for women" bundled here OR CHECK RANDOM INSIDE PAGES BELOW READING OPTIONS Option 1:   Download both PDF (3Mb) & EPUB (4Mb) on Gumroad OR Option 2:   Download together with all these other "reads f

Thrusting In & Out of her Pussy | Various Ways To Switch Penis Angle of Entry, Stroke, Rhythm & Positioning

There is an art to making love, and just like the variety of paint strokes a painter uses to create a beautiful piece of art, a varied stroke technique is needed to truly create a beautiful and satisfying sexual experience when in the bedroom. Any man can pump like a jack rabbit and achieve his orgasm quickly, but to put the pleasure of your partner first and sincerely savor every moment of being inside of her and connecting on an energy level separates the truly skilled from the animalistic. Believe it or not there is an art to penetrating your woman and the way you thrust in and out of her pussy. Sure, she may like it hard and fast at some points during sex, but chances are she’s going to enjoy it more if you vary your thrusts a bit. Anticipation The first thing to understand is that women love the first thrust. .Many women will let out a big moan when she feels you enter her fully for the first time. Knowing this you can always tease a bit and build up some anticipation before slidi