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How To Take A Big Cock (My Big Dick Warm-Up)

Getting yourself warmed up and ready to take something huge inside of you isn’t as easy as it may seem. It’s really important to make sure you’re ready ‘down there’, lots of foreplay, lubrication, and stretching is a must. Otherwise, you run the risk of injury, discomfort, and pain. I am here, Jess, your friend, the queen of size play to share with you the slut girl secrets to taking a big cock or sex toy, so listen up and take note. The Truth About Taking Big Cock I’m a size queen and I love the feeling of being stretched out, however, that doesn’t mean I can take a big cock without warming up and every time I have, it’s not been a good experience, usually quite uncomfortable and never as satisfying as when I take a small amount of time to warm myself up. I decided to write this guide for any person who is either scared of taking their partner’s cock due to size or is looking for more comfortable ways to accommodate a bigger man or sex toy. I am going to teach you tips on warming up b