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How To Seduce Her With A Leg, Butt And Lower Back Massage

Erotic massage will make your woman melt if you use touch the right way. Here’s where to focus when you do the butt, lower back and legs. How To Get Started When beginning foreplay, start with your lover still lying on her front side with her back exposed. The natural progression will be to continue massaging down to her buttocks, legs and feet. To do this, make a nice transitional move by starting at the top of her shoulders with the palms of both of your hands facing flat down, and in a long slow smooth stroke, work your way down to her lower back, buttocks, upper legs, calf muscles, and feet, and finally to her toes. Important Note! Because you will be including her buttocks in this portion of the massage, you will want to remove the covering you placed over the area at the start of the massage. Now, reverse this move by continuing up from her feet all the way up to her upper back again and then repeat these same moves up and down again a few times more. You don’t have to follow th