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This is the Secret to having regular sex

Sex can be a hot topic for many couples. And by hot, I don’t mean necessarily steamy. For many long-term couples sex, frequency of it or lack of it, can be a very sensitive subject and is a source conflict. Today, I would like to share a strategy with you that I tried with my fiancé and it worked wonders for us. A quick side before we dive into it. This approach works best for couples who are both on the same page in terms wanting to restore and maintain regular sex life and who find each other attractive. It is not for couples who might be struggling with other underlying concerns that impact their sex life such as when one partner has depression or feels abused in some way by another. Few years after relationship our sex lives take a back seat As many of you know, after a few years of being in a long-term relationship, the desire to rip your clothes off and to have mind-blowing sex subsides dramatically, to the point where you might start to forget when was the last time you had sex.