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Here are 5 Reasons Why Some Women Fake Orgasms

We exist in a results-hungry world where our achievements are measured in terms of how we reached our goals. If we didn’t reach them, someone gets mad, someone gets blamed (you) and someone gets disappointed. Achieving female orgasm is the same. Sometimes you meet women who can climax easily, and you may or may not attribute it to how well you made her. She could claim that she did it herself. No matter who gets the credit, the important thing is that it happened. You both made it happen, one way or another (though, in your mind, you know that YOU made it happen. Enough said). In a world where achievements and egos go hand in hand, how does a guy who can’t make his girlfriend reach orgasm feel? Here are Some of the Reasons Why Women Fake: So That You Won’t Feel Bad There are some men who don’t care if a girl climaxes or not, but there are more men who do. A girl’s orgasm is an affirmation of how well these men perform and it becomes a ‘pride’ thing. There’s also that nagging doubt in a