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6 Proven Pussy Fingering Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild!

Do you want to blow your woman’s mind with earth-shattering moves that leave her SHAKING with pleasure? You’ve come to exactly the right place!  BUILD THE ANTICIPATION (TEASE HER) Anticipation is so important when fingering, it will drastically help with her being able to climax, so don’t just skip over this part. It should start when you’re taking each others clothes off. Push her onto the bed and begin kissing her… slowly move down to her neck and remove her top, so she’s just showing her bra. Now with the top off, go back to her neck and move down towards her breasts. Move past the breasts and kiss her stomach (remember, slowly) and start removing her jeans or bottoms. She should now be in her bra and panties. Go back up and kiss her again, moving down again from the neck to the bra. Whilst kissing her chest area, take one hand and remove the bra. With the bra off, begin kissing and massaging her breasts. Lightly bite her nipples also. After a couple of minutes, move down to her pa